Thaynara OG overcomes shyness and promises ‘Beyoncé moment’ at São João party

Looking forward to the return of her São João party, the digital influencer Thaynara OG, 30, is ready to play and dance on the stage of the presentations. “I’m a little shy to go dancing, but if you want that moment Beyoncé, Xou da Xuxa, you will have it. It will be the biggest edition of all because of that”, she said.

São João da Thay returns this Tuesday (28) in São Luís, Maranhão, after a two-year break due to the coronavirus pandemic. Thay says that the edition will receive the largest audience, reaching 10 thousand people, with guests handpicked by the influencer – she made a point of sending audios to each one.

“It’s going to be a Super Bowl in Maranhão with Met Gala and Criança Esperança. I’m crazy about bringing 500 people here to São Luís, but we’re going to deliver a beautiful show”, completes in a conversation with the press. Among the main attractions of the party are names like Juliette, Zé Felipe, Gloria Groove and Felipe Araújo.

The four-day event will create around a thousand jobs, in addition to being an opportunity to impact tourism and give visibility to the local culture. “I’m giving back to mine,” she says. All the amount raised at the event will be donated to Unicef, which has the influencer as one of the ambassadors.

Despite the excitement for the return of the party and having overcome a lot of his shyness, Thay regretted this Tuesday the lack of a crush. The influencer who ended her relationship with country singer Gustavo Mioto at the end of last year admitted to having invited some flirts, but that so far they had not met her expectations.

“Had one [crush] that I called who played crazy, is discarded. He had confirmed and said: ‘I’m going to give you some kisses’ and he didn’t show up. I won’t give a damn anymore,” she says. (Mariana Arrudas / Folhapress)

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