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Source: Eurosport The results of the Wednesday qualification for the competition in Bischofshofen at TCS

The highest of Poles – 16th – was Piotr Żyła. Promotion was also won by 28. Paweł Wąsek, 37. Jakub Wolny and 48. Dawid Kubacki. The 57th Andrzej Stękała fell.

Ryoyu Kobayashi hit 141.5 m at the end! The Japanese won the qualification!

Karl Geiger achieved 131.5 m, which gives him the fourth place.

Halvor Egner Granerud is also far – 134 m. The Norwegian is third.

Very long flight of Marius Lindvik – 139.5 m! The Norwegian definitely takes the lead.

Markus Eisenbichler jumped 132.5 m, the longest jump in qualifying. He is the runner-up.

Anż Laniszek has reached 124 m and he is 21.

124 m was achieved by Stefan Kraft. The Austrian is in the 15th place.

122.5 m was achieved by Killian Peier. Swiss is 17.

Jan Hoerl flew 128.5 m. The Austrian is fifth.

Good jump by Robert Johansson – 127 m and seventh place of the Norwegian.

Timi Zajc in trouble. 116m and a bad landing, but 31st position guarantees him a promotion.

124.5 m is the distance of Daniel Huber, who jumps to eighth place.

Lovro Kos jumped 127 m. The Slovene is fourth.

Stephan Leyhe reached 127 m and is 13.

Constantin Schmid had a good jump – 126 m. 16th place and the German’s promotion.

Pius Paschke jumped 127 m. 14th position of the German representative.

Another Japanese – Naoki Nakamura – achieved 123 m. 17th place and promotion.

Yukiya Sato jumped 124 m. This means the 12th place for the Japanese.

Johann Andre Forfang jumped 122 m in 12th place.

Daniel Andre Tande jumped the longest – 131 m. The Norwegian is the leader.

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Fettner's jump from the qualification to the 1st TCS competition in Bischofshofen

Video: Eurosport Fettner’s jump from the qualification to the 1st TCS competition in Bischofshofen

Manuel Fettner jumped 124.5 m. One of the Austrian’s skis detached, but fortunately for him behind the landing zone, he did not lose any points. He is 13 and he has a promotion.

Evgeniy Klimov was shorter than the previous jumpers, but 117.5 m was enough for the promotion.

Junshiro Kobayashi jumped 128 m. Nice jump from the Japanese, who is seventh.

Andreas Wellinger takes the lead – 129 m.

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Leap of the vein from the qualification for the 1st TCS competition in Bischofshofen

Video: Eurosport Leap of the vein from the qualification for the 1st TCS competition in Bischofshofen

128 m – the third distance in qualifying – by Piotr Żyła, who is currently fifth. Way to go!

Peter Prevc jumped 121.5 m. He is 18, he will perform in the competition.

Daniel Tschofenig achieved 123.5 m – 123.5 m. The Austrian is promoted, he is 13th.

Philipp Aschenwald is also very solid – 129.5 m. The Austrian is the runner-up.

Danił Sadriejew is definitely 130.5 m so far. The Russian is the leader.

Gregor Deschwanden jumped 126 m. The Austrian is fifth. Certain promotion.

Simon Ammann also takes part in the competition – 118.5 m.

Daiki Ito jumped 119 m and is promoted.

Roman Trofimow will also appear in the competition – 116 m.

Dawid Kubacki achieved 117 m, but it was enough for promotion. Pole’s 16th position.

Fredrik Villumstad made a short jump. Only 108 m.

Finn Niko Kytosaho obtained 126.5 m and is currently in third place.

The second Pole reports to the competition. Jakub Wolny jumped 123 m and is ninth in the field.

126 m was also repeated by Estonian Artti Aigro. It is also in the competition.

Paweł Wąsek did not disappoint! I am sure I will be promoted to the competition! He is currently fourth.

Keiichi Sato reached 118 m. The Japanese is still without promotion.

Mikhail Nazarov jumped 116 m, but he is far. 17th place of the Russian.

Mackenzie Boyd-Clowes achieved 114 m. It was only 15th place and the Canadian must count on weaker jumps of his rivals.

Vladimir Zografski secured his promotion. 117 m was enough for the Bulgarian.

Finally a good jump. Severin Freund takes the lead – 125.5 m. We’ll see him in the competition.

Fatih Arda Ipcioglu reached 115 m.

Bad performance of Andrzej Stękała – 112 m and only 13th place. The chances of promotion are rather minimal.

Giovanni Bresadola was furious after his jump. The Italian gained 114 m.

103 m is the result of Roman Koudelka. Jumpers do not pamper with distances.

Muhammet Irfan Cintimar only jumped 78 m.

Vitaly Kalinichenko only reached 97.5 m and the first player to advance is Zak Mogel, the current leader.

Sabirjan Muminov did not stand out – 108 m.

Choi Heung-chul only reached 80 m.

Andrei Daniel Cacina jumped 100 m.

Joacim Oedegaard Bjoereng with no chance of being promoted to the competition – 105.5 m.

Danił Vasilyev from Kazakhstan jumped only 105.5 m.

Casey Larson completely failed. The US representative achieved 91 m.

110.5 m is the result of Antti Aalto.

Ilya Mankov reached 112.5 m.

The Ukrainian, Andriy Vaskuł, jumped disastrously … 78.5 m.

Finn Eetu Nousiainen flew 116.5 m.

121.5 m was achieved by Ulrich Wohlgenannt.

116.5 m is the distance of Alex Insam.

Sergey Tkachenko from Kazakhstan achieved 106 m.

Viktor Polasek also did not show off – 104 m.

Very average performance of Andrea Feldorean from Romania – 104.5 m.

Kevin Maltsev reached 118.5 m.

Filip Sakala has a short jump – 108 m.

125 m was achieved by Ziga Jelar.

A short jump also from the US representative of Decker Dean – 103 m.

The disastrous performance of Valentin Foubert. Only 88 m rider from France.

Zak Mogel from Slovenia so far in qualifying – 124.5 m.

Thomas Lackner flew 118 m.

Clemens Aigner, another Austrian, achieved 119 m.

Stefan Rainer jumped 118.5 m.

115 m was achieved by Michael Hayboeck.

113 m is the distance of Maximilian Steiner.

We start qualifying. Janni Reisenauer, the representative of the hosts, achieved 114 m at the beginning.

There are 77 competitors on the start list, and 50 places in the competition.

Recall that TCS has a KO system – based on the results of the qualifications, 25 pairs are created (according to the key: 1st of the 50th, 2nd of the 49th, etc.) of the first scored series. Their winners and five “lucky losers”, ie the players with the highest scores among the defeated pairs, will advance to the final stage.

Dawid Kubacki was the best Pole and took 15th place in the trial series before qualifying in Bischofshofen. The remaining Biało-Czerwoni did not show off.

Five White-Reds will compete in the qualifications: Piotr Żyła, Dawid Kubacki, Andrzej Stękała, Paweł Wąsek and Jakub Wolny. Kamil Stoch, withdrawn from the event, will be missing. In the classification of the cycle, Żyła is the highest – in 22nd place.

Third competition of the 70th TCS. Originally the jumpers were to compete in Innsbruck. Due to unfavorable weather conditions, the competition was postponed from Tuesday to Wednesday and will be held at the Paul Ausserleitner facility in Bischofshofen. The qualifying session will start at 1 p.m. and the competition is scheduled for 4.30 p.m.

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