The absurd translation of Djokovic. Even his mother Tenis challenges the tennis version

Each subsequent day brings new revelations about Novak Djokovic. On Wednesday, the tennis player released a statement to clarify the contradictory information circulating around him. The problem is that Djoković did not explain anything, but only complicated the matter.

The strong media accusation against Serb is clear: if he knew about a positive COVID test, why did he still do some activities without a mask? The tennis champion on December 17-18 took part, among others in a photo shoot for L’Equipe magazine, he spoke at the foundation meeting and hugged children at the Belgrade Tennis Association Ceremony.

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“I’m not surprised that the hero of this story is Djoković”

Djoković made another statement

Djoković says: – On December 14 I attended a basketball game in Belgrade, after which it was reported that many fans tested positive. Despite the absence of symptoms, on December 16, I performed a rapid antigen test, which was negative, and with great caution, on the same day, I also performed the PCR test.

– The next day, I attended a tennis event in Belgrade to present the prizes to the children. Before I left, I did an antigen test and it was negative. I was asymptomatic and I felt fine, and I only received a positive PCR test after this event, adds Djoković.

The Serb says he did not receive a positive test until December 17. Meanwhile, in a statement, a legally sworn document on which the Federal District Court of Australia relied when releasing him on Monday, Djoković admitted: “On December 16, 2021, I was tested and diagnosed with SARS-CoV-2 (COVID).”

He did not want to disappoint the journalist?

– The next day, December 18, I was at my tennis center in Belgrade to fulfill a multi-year commitment to interview and shoot for L’Equipe magazine. I canceled all other events except the interview. I felt compelled to talk as I did not want to disappoint the journalist, but I made sure to keep my distance and wear a mask, except when pictures were taken. After the interview, when I went home to isolate myself for the required period, I thought it was a mistake and I agree that I should have postponed this commitment, explains Djoković.

This translation is hard to believe. “The best part of Djokovic’s statement is the idea that a highly paid sports star wouldn’t cancel an interview because she didn’t want to disappoint the journalist,” writes journalist Paul Cully of The Sydney Morning Herald.

As reported by New York Times journalist Ben Rothenberg: “L’Equipe” admitted that prior to the interview, instructions had come from the Serb on the preconditions: no questions about the vaccination or his intention to perform at the Australian Open. It was a very sensitive topic. “

Djoković mentions that despite being infected with COVID, he remained safe with the mask and keeping his distance, but did not indicate whether he told journalist and photographer “L’Equipe” of the positive result.

In a statement, the tennis player admits that he also broke Serbian pandemic rules. Prime Minister Ana Brnabić told the BBC that it would be “a clear breach of the rules” if Novak Djokovic went public after testing positive. According to Karen Sweeney of the Australian Associated Press, the maximum penalty for breaking Serbian health laws is three years in prison.

Error in declaration

In the travel declaration he had to complete on arrival in Melbourne, Djoković stated that he had not traveled for 14 days before arriving in Australia on January 6. In fact, however, he was traveling – from Belgrade to Spain. The media reports that the tennis player trained on January 2 in Marbella, where he was preparing for the Australian Open. There is evidence of this in the form of photos.

– For the Travel Declaration the documents were uploaded by my team on my behalf and my agent sincerely apologizes for the administrative error of checking the wrong box for my previous trip before coming to Australia. It was a human error, and it was definitely pointless. We live in difficult times in a global pandemic and sometimes such errors can arise. Today my team provided the Australian Government with additional information to clarify this matter, wrote Djoković.

“Human error”? The media is wondering if an ordinary gray man, and not a world sports star, could also explain himself to the Australian authorities using the term “human error”? Especially that at the very end of the form there is a signature of a Serbian tennis player.

More doubts

It looks as if the Serb has adopted a tactic to make things as confusing as possible so that no one will be able to find out what is true and what is not. – One of the many questions that Djoković has to answer: why didn’t he notify people that he tested positive for Covid in mid-December, as he did when he first contracted Covid in June 2020 after the Adria Tour? Alerting close contacts is a key public health responsibility, explains Rothenberg.

The best tennis player in the world organized a year ago demonstration tournaments in the Balkans “Adria Tour”, where adequate security measures were not maintained. Effect? Djokovic and several other tennis players became infected. “He mocked the coronavirus until it mocked him”, “DjoCOVID” – fans laughed at Djoković.

Djokovic would have avoided all the fuss if he had just decided to get vaccinated. However, from the beginning of the pandemic, the Serb questioned the validity of vaccinations, then withdrew, explaining that he had to consider whether he would take the vaccine himself. To this day, he has not done so.

His mother is not helping him

Just minutes before the Serb’s statement was issued, Australia’s immigration minister Alex Hawke released a communiqué stating that the timeframe of his decision to deport Djokovic had been breached due to further “notifications and supporting documentation”. Australian immigration officials analyze a series of errors and conflicting information related to Novak Djokovic’s results and other information, reports Australian The Age.

Interestingly, at the same time, the tennis player’s mother challenged her son’s version. Dijana Djoković admitted in an interview with “Sunrise” that her son did not know that he was infected when he was photographed at public events. “He didn’t know because when he realized he was positive he went into isolation,” she said.

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She also appealed to the Australian authorities. – Don’t throw him away, he is a tennis player, not a politician, criminal or a murderer. He’s just a tennis player, the best in the world, just let him play, she concluded. Djokovic’s family could at least establish one line of defense, as it looks more and more caricatured. “Which Djoković is telling the truth? The one in the statements? The one in his family’s mouth? The one in court?” – Australian media ask.

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