The Academy of Sciences supports the actions of Environment Minister Ciara Hatton

The Academy of Sciences supports the actions of Environment Minister Ciara Hatton

EL NUEVO DIARIO, Santo Domingo – The Academy of Sciences of the Dominican Republic (ACRD) expressed its support this Friday to the Minister of the Environment, Miguel Serra Hatton, with the aim of obtaining an administrative order and managing the meager financial resources available to him. Ministry.

Through a statement, the Scientific Institute states that there are a number of functions that the said Institute has to perform in accordance with Laws 64-00, 202-04 as well as the indispensable functions assigned by the Constitution of the Republic to safeguard . Care, management and effective management of the natural resources of the Dominican Republic, actions that do not allow waste and inappropriate use of resources.

“It is widely known that the National System of Protected Areas (SINAP) is in a progressive decline in everything related to its effective protection, lack of qualified personnel, lack of equipment, means of transportation, battered monitoring booths, uncoordinated personnel, everything This hinders the effective conservation of natural and cultural heritage which is the responsibility of this Ministry”, expresses the ACRD.

This indicates that Sierra Hatton is a prominent member of the Economic Commission of our Academy of Sciences, serving on several occasions as a member of the Board of Directors, and was also an important member of the New Income Commission of this scientific institution.

The note said, “In all of her life’s work at our Academy, Dr. Sera Hatton has acted in accordance with ethical principles and has followed all principles contained in our laws and regulations.”

“As long as the resources of the Ministry are applied to achieve the objectives stated above, to improve the working conditions, without privilege or discrimination, of its technicians, park rangers and employees in general, the environment and The Ministry of Natural Resources can count on our support,” the letter said.

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