the actor finally gave an interview. What about the premiere of “Minamata”?

Johnny Depp gave the first interview in months. The actor does not hide his regret: he feels that Hollywood has boycotted and ruled him out, which may have an impact on his latest film. “Minamata”.

There is no doubt: this was an extremely difficult time for Johnny Depp. The relentless conflict with his ex-wife, Amber Heard, left a mark on his popularity and ruined his career. At least until his name is cleared in court, which is not announced in the near future. The long and dark streak of court failures (losing the lawsuit against the publisher of “The Sun”, defeat on appeal) has only recently been illuminated by a minor success: the star’s ex-wife must prove that she donated the money ($ 7 million in divorce) as promised to charity (American Civil Liberties Union and Los Angeles Children’s Hospital).

Depp had been saying for a long time that Heard had breached her contract and that her declaration was a lie. The actor’s lawyers say that in 2019 they were contacted by representatives of the aforementioned hospital who did not receive a broken cent from Heard. Consequently, the court finally acceded to Johnny’s request for disclosure of the documents certifying that the divorce was properly disposed of. Now Depp gave a bitter interview – the first since the failed trial, which resulted in, inter alia, his immediate removal from the cast of the third installment of the “Fantastic Beasts” series.

Johnny Depp admitted that Hollywood is boycotting him. Minamata under threat

In the movie “Minamata” Depp played William Eugene Smith, an American journalist who became famous as a war photographer during the activities in the Pacific Ocean during World War II (he photographed the struggles on Iwo Jima and Okinawa; he was seriously injured). The plot focuses on the story from the 1970s: the scandal related to the effects of mercury infection among the coastal communities of Japan by the Chisso Corporation (it was Smith who publicized the scandal).

The painting still hasn’t received a US release date. Director Andrew Levitas believes MGM is trying to “bury” the film amid the controversy surrounding Depp. Meanwhile, the studio maintains that the production is still on the premiere schedule, but has not yet been set for a specific debut day. In an interview, Gwiazdor emphasizes that regardless of his current situation, the film tells an important story and does not deserve a boycott because of it:

We looked at these people in the eye and promised not to use them, and the film would treat them with respect. I believe that we kept our word, and those who came later should keep theirs. Some movies affect people emotionally, and this affair has an impact on the people of Minamata and everyone who has a similar experience. What is it for? By boycotting me in Hollywood? The reason is one man, an actor who has been in an unpleasant, twisted situation for several years? You know, I’m going where I have to go to make certain things see the light of day.

Displayed incl. in Berlin, the film received favorable reviews. It is not known if MGM is actually trying to “bury” the movie, but it can be assumed that after the actor’s speech, pressure from his fans could have positive effects and we will soon find out when we see Johnny on the big screen again. Given the abundant evidence that his ex-wife is most certainly at least as guilty of domestic violence, which has had no repercussions, the film’s imminent release is something that will be applauded by the actor’s army of loyal fans – another step on the way to justice. It is worth adding that recently Depp, to the delight of many cinema fans, has been a guest of festivals in Karlovy Vary and San Sebastian.

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