The actor who jumped out of Game of Thrones and Angelina Jolie to Carolina Herrera


Night and half-light, the Museum of the Prado of Madrid, within, it is a scenery that is concerned. Any of the nearly one hundred guests this evening will be reminded of the nocturnal wanderings by the Louvre Museum of Paris from the characters of The Da Vinci code of Dan Brown. But here, we can assure you, there will be no suspense. This will be a pure delight. Flowing the champagne, and there are feminine hands mighty who oppress the strings of violins, violoncellos and double basses with sublime pressure. The melody competes with the bubbles etílicas in a career high performance by satisfying the senses.

Is what is proposed to Carolina Herrera, the venezuelan designer who captivates not only with their models but also with their fragrance. Organized this night magical and mysterious in Madrid to present in society its latest creation in perfume: Bad Boy, a male version that has a dialogue of wonders with his Good Girl, the feminine fragrance that women of the world met in 2016.

Ed Skrein as Daario in Game of Thrones.

Ed Skrein as Daario in Game of Thrones.

“Bad Boy embodies the quiet strength and power, daring, defying the rules of masculinity with elegance –say those who have developed the latest fragrance from Carolina Herrera–. Your dualistic nature captivates and intrigues. A man in charge of your own destiny allows you to be vulnerable while expanding their own horizons.”

To usher us into the depths of the spirit of this Bad Boy, Carolina A. Herrera, daughter of the designer and creative director of fragrances of the House Herrera, is the hostess of the evening in the Prado Museum that has, as an appetizer to a dinner that will last until midnight, a journey through the black paintings of Francisco Goya at the museum.

“Goya was a ‘bad boy’ (bad boy) of his time.” What says the art historian, which leads us through the halls of The Prado, dedicated to those works dark that Goya painted, with over 70 years of age, on the interior walls of the country house in which he retired in 1820 with a girl 42 years younger than him. The Quinta del Sordo, a country estate of about 145.000 square meters on the banks of the Manzanares river. The walls of this house of field were rescued by the baron Frederic Emile d’erlanger, who bought it in 1873, fourteen oil paintings arrived at the Museo del Prado in 1881.

Ray spicy. With that bottle and a scent of pepper, Bad Boy is the male version of the Good Girl from Carolina Herrera.

Ray spicy. With that bottle and a scent of pepper, Bad Boy is the male version of the Good Girl from Carolina Herrera.

Bad Boy is also an invitation to a journey. A sensory itinerary, which –according to the alchemists who combined dose of aromas of spices, fruits and woods in search of the potion perfect, define a masculinity refined to the that the british actor Ed Skrein, ambassador of Carolina Herrera for Bad Boy such as the american model Karlie Kloss has been to be a Good Girl, putting her body and soul.

Now comes the part in which the common of the mortals, we struggle to distinguish the ingredients of that recipe surreal that inebriate olfactory pleasure when we perfumamos: Bad Boy is the result of a combination of notes of black pepper and white mixed with the citrus twist of bergamot green Italian. This duality is fed into the center of the fragrance, where there are cedar wood and sage.

Skrein, the actor who was born in London in 1983, he graduated in Fine Arts, shone as a swimmerhe recorded some tracks of hip hop and some years ago he wears in the film, came to Madrid to present Bad Boy.

Bad boy. Is the protagonist of the advertising of the perfume.

Bad boy. Is the protagonist of the advertising of the perfume.

He became known for his character of Daario Naharis in the series Game of Thronesfor the villain Ajax he played in the movie Deadpool and to accompany Angelina Jolie –there were rumors of romance then denials– in Maleficent 2. Carolina Herrera chose Ed because it embodies the real modern hero, a myth contemporary.

Isn’t it a risky move to raise a definition of “bad guy”, which adds to the already well-known “nice girl”, in times of social debate on gender issues?

I think we need to redefine notions of masculinity, rethinking the roles of men and women in our society and the way they interact between them. The same thing we should do with interracial relationships. We must look, learn and ask how to progress creating more empathy and love between the races, more equity. I think with Bad Boy, we have the opportunity to use an old notion of masculinity in this new duality. As an actor, it took time for people to stop seeing me as a criminal, as the villain drug dealer than I once did. Work with the Herrera family allows me to redefine other aspects of myself.

I think we need to redefine notions of masculinity, rethinking the roles of men and women in our society and the way they interact between them.

What adds a fragrance to the masculinity?

I think that it is important to compensate for the masculinity with tenderness, with beauty. I’m not saying that masculinity can’t be delicate and beautiful, but this combination, which could be seen naturally as opposites, is what makes it more attractive. In acting, the most interesting thing that one can have in a scene is to have two conflicting emotions that are put in play one against the other. Although we do not understand why we are fascinated by what is generated from that. I think that the same thing happens with masculinity and fragrances. We’re in 2019 and we are re-inventing the meaning of masculinity. The old notions of masculinity have disappeared, and now men can be feminine and women masculine and I think that is something wonderful that we can express ourselves in different ways and there’s only way to which we are limited in the society.

Ed Skrein he also worked on the series

Ed Skrein he also worked on the series “The transporter”.

What do you evokes a perfume?

As an artist and creator, every sense is important. This is not only one of the five senses traditional that also contribute to the experience. What we smell is one of those experiences invisible that take us from the intellectual to the purely instinctive. Immediately evokes an emotion, a feeling that, in general, we cannot explain intellectually, and can change our emotions. The smell becomes very powerful and what is interesting is how the senses cause reactions and help each person individually, the way in which pheromones and hormones work together to create something new as a notion intellectual romantic.

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The presentation of Bad Boy in Madrid is a feast of good times. For the next day of the dinner in the Meadow, the ray that represents the bottle of the fragrance will be the occasion of celebration of a party for 700 guests that the House Bad Boy enabled in the exclusive area of Puerta de Hierro. There, the vip atmosphere local and european she will dance all night. Among the guests will be Pierre Casiraghi, son of caroline of Monaco, pass by Madrid to celebrate the bachelor party of her intimate friend Stavros Niarchos III, grandson of billionaire owner Greek. The feast of good girls and bad boys will last until the wee hours.



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