The Age of Quirky Code (February 2024)

Lyrical Studios LLC are the creative minds behind the code for Era of Quirks, which draws inspiration from the famous Japanese anime and manga series My Hero Academia. The goal of the game is to battle other players in a vast open environment, aiming to acquire quirks that give players unique and special powers.

The game is an exciting Roblox game that offers an engaging combat experience for both new and experienced players. With this comprehensive guide, strive to be the best version of yourself, embrace and make the most of your unique quirks, and reach your full potential.

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Roblox: Age of Quirky Code (Active)

Era of Quirks free codes should be redeemable soon (Image via Roblox)Era of Quirks free codes should be redeemable soon (Image via Roblox)
Era of Quirks free codes should be redeemable soon (Image via Roblox)

The following Quirk Era list is confirmed to be effective on February 12, 2024. Since they do not last long, it is recommended to use them immediately to avoid losing benefits.

Era of Quirks Event Code List

We’re back!

35 Free Spins (New!)

10k members!

Free Spins (New!)

Use Daixi code

three spins

Early access buyers

Only valid if you purchased early access

Roblox: Age of Quirky Codes (Invalid)

The expired list is shown below. These no longer work; if you try to add them, you will receive an invalid code notification and will not receive any rewards.

Quirk Era Inactive Code List

Early access buyers

Redeem X50 Spins Code

10k members!

free coins

Use Daixi code

free coins

3200 members!

free coins


free coins

Thanks 500! ! !

free coins

Publish for free! ! !

free coins

Thanks 1K!

free coins

How to Redeem Age of Quirk Codes

Age of Quirk (Image via Roblox)Age of Quirk (Image via Roblox)
Age of Quirk (Image via Roblox)

Please follow the steps below to redeem your code in Era of Quirks:

  • Open the Roblox app on your device and launch Era of Quirks.
  • In the menu, find and click on the “Spins for Quirks” option.
  • Look for the “Code” section in the menu.
  • Enter an item provided in the list into the specified input field.
  • Confirm code entry.
  • Enjoy your unlocked rewards.

The age of quirky code and why it matters

The Age of Weird Code (Picture from Roblox)The Age of Weird Code (Picture from Roblox)
The Age of Weird Code (Picture from Roblox)

The most effective way to get extra spins is to take advantage of the Era of Quirks code. In this Roblox battle game, players battle each other to increase their strength. You have the opportunity to experiment with various quirks to discover and perfect your own fighting style.

Whether you prefer Cyclone, Razer Blade, Electrify, or any of the other unique abilities available in the game, you can earn free spins and solidify your position quickly with the help of the code above.

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Troubleshooting Era of Quirks Code (How to Fix It)

Invalid code problem in the Quirks era (picture from Roblox)Invalid code problem in the Quirks era (picture from Roblox)
Invalid code problem in the Quirks era (picture from Roblox)

Sometimes, some of them may not work properly on the first try, showing an error message such as “Invalid or Expired.” To minimize errors, consider trying entering the code again, using the cut and paste method if possible.

If the error persists and the message indicates “Expired,” Roblox has removed the code. Rest assured that new codes will be released over time and this list will be updated accordingly.

Where can I find the new Quirk Age codes?

Developers release new code regularly. For more information, please consider joining their Discord server. Alternatively, we recommend bookmarking this page and checking back regularly as we will keep you updated with the latest content.

Era of Quirks Code FAQ

What’s the latest Quirk Era code?

The latest code from Quirk Times is “We’re back!” and “10k members!” Free spins are available upon redemption.

Which code offers the most free spins?

code “We’re back!” Grants 35 free spins, making it the most valuable spins available.

How useful are these codes?

Redeeming these codes proves to be advantageous as it allows you to receive multiple free spins, thereby enhancing your overall gaming experience.

Why doesn’t some code work?

The main cause of code related issues is the use of outdated code. Being inactive does not yield any in-game benefits. Therefore, we strongly recommend using only currently valid codes to ensure a successful redemption.

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