The amazing Vivo iQOO 9 Pro broke the record in 10 seconds!

Vivo iQOO 9 Pro together with the cheaper iQOO 9 turned out to be a successful flagship – customers rushed to buy it on the first sale. Generated huge income in 10 seconds.

Vivo iQOO 9 Pro sold out, time for CS. In this way, the Chinese giant can celebrate the success of its latest series – the iQOO 9 and iQOO 9 Pro smartphones confirmed their pre-release popularity in the first sale.

Vivo iQOO 9 Pro is conquering the market

Other producers can envy Vivo such a success. Within 10 seconds of the start of sales, the iQOO 9 series generated 100 million yuan in revenue and disappeared from the virtual shelves. After converting to PLN, we have a nice sum of PLN 62.5 million, which after deducting costs will become Vivo’s profit.

photo by Vivo

This means that About 20,000 smartphones were sold in just 10 seconds. In the long run, the series may turn out to be more popular than the previous one, which was already very successful – I very much hope that Vivo will follow this impulse and extend the iQOO 9 distribution to Europe. However, I cannot promise you that, because the producer treats the Old Continent neglectfully.

Vivo iQOO 9 Pro in Polish sales could cost nearly PLN 4,000, but it would offer a set of exorbitant components and great software. I think that a record-breaking LTPO screen with 120 Hz refresh and gimbal stabilization of the camera would convince many Polish users to buy, and this is just the beginning.

You can read more about the amazing iQOO 9 series in the text below. We will keep you informed about all the news about the models.

Vivo iQOO 9 smartphones officially. Excellent flagships are again making a pulp of competition


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