The anti-Covid vaccine obligation needs to be reviewed. Does the OPI of Florence winks at the no-vax nurses? –

To bring to the attention of the Government and the National Federation the problems relating to the application of the legislation on the vaccination obligation of health personnel which places the verification of compliance with the norm and the consequent actions on the orders. With this aim theOrder of Interprovincial Nursing Professions Florence Pistoialed by the president David Nuccisent a letter addressed to the new Prime Minister Giorgia Melonito the Minister of Health Orazio Schillaci and to the president of Fnopi Barbara Mangiacavalli to submit a series of petitions to them in light of the end of the pandemic emergency.

In particular, the recipients are asked to re-evaluate the maintenance of the vaccination obligation for health personnel, in a condition – the current one – post-pandemic in which the objective pursued is the effective control of the endemic. But also to rethink the control system of the vaccination obligation exempting the Order from this task, reporting the related management to the Prevention Departments as envisaged in the initial regulatory system or attributing it to another subject. Finally, review the legislation relating to the management of the vaccination obligation, adapting it to the current situation which is very different from that existing at the time it was introduced.

To date, in fact, the Orders carry out the daily control of the DGC platform, any objection to the member regarding his / her position, the management of the responses of the members. And again the suspension in case of non-compliance with the obligation and the management of any litigation. “A process – explain by Opi Fi-Pt – which has created and creates a series of critical issues for the Order, starting from the considerable commitment of the administrative staff, with an increase in the related costs, to the increased risk of litigation between the Order and its members to the detriment of the image of the Order. Difficulties have also emerged in the management of the various cases, with the risk of assuming responsibilities that go beyond the mandate of the order. A process that has determined negative influences on the management of the Order that have led members to boycott the body, preventing its regular functioning ».

«In the light of all this – they continue from Opi Florence Pistoia -, it is necessary to rethink the continuation of the vaccination obligation for health personnel who are thus, in some ways, penalized compared to other professions. The Order is not the most suitable subject to carry out the role of controller of compliance with the vaccination obligation, not having the organization, the skills, the availability to carry out this role. The management of the vaccination obligation for health personnel placed in the head of the Prevention Departments would instead also have the strategic objective, considering the now chronic shortage of nurses in our country, to better manage resources, with the possibility of reintroduction in the work contexts of unvaccinated subjects, where their work activity is assessed as having low or no risk towards the target of assistants. Allocation that, in agreement with employers, is not possible with the current regulatory framework. In this way it would also be possible to manage, and to some extent certainly stem, the significant social problem that has been created by the suspension of the medical workers ”.

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