The Apple 5G modem can impress with its low power consumption. How long will we wait?

In the pursuit of independence from other companies and suppliers, Apple has created unique logic circuits for its devices in recent years. He also wants to produce less important controllers based on RISC-V, but before this happens, the Apple 5G modem will probably complement the company’s equipment for a long time.

It looks like TSMC will produce an Apple 5G modem using a 4nm manufacturing process

Previous information about Apple’s pursuit of self-sufficiency indicated that the Californian giant intends to reduce its dependence on Qualcomm. However, he will not abandon it as he abandoned Intel, because in 2023 it will still receive 20% of 5G modem supplies from Qualcomm. So there are chances that the iPhone with an Apple 5G modem will be sold, for example, only in the United States, as this is where the company does the best and gets the most profits.

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In the iPhone 2023, both Snapdragon 5G modems and proprietary ones from Apple can be found, but such juggling will not be a challenge, because both take the form of systems separate from SoC. We cannot forget that Apple and Qualcomm have a partnership until 2024, which provides for the delivery of elements for iPhone smartphones.

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According to information provided by Nikkei, Apple and TSMC are working on new custom 5G modems. Currently, they are reportedly looking at the potential of their production using the 5 nm process, but as the source said, the final Apple 5G modem is to be created using a newer, 4 nm technological process. This will give them an even higher degree of energy efficiency.

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The omission of 3 nm is not a coincidence, because according to all the signs in the sky and the earth, this one will be used to produce computing systems from the A series. Production is to start in the second half of 2022, but everyone knows what it is like with new technologies – they may not burn out, and that would leave Apple in a bad position in the current state of the market.

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