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A little big case: every time the movie “Pretty Woman” is broadcast – as happened in recent days – on TV, it records sensational ratings. The first time it aired in 1992 and, as Aldo Grasso also recalled in Corriere della Sera, we have now more or less reached the thirtieth replica. Beyond the hidden meaning of this success – the television critic stressed the always effective and somewhat banal formula of the rich nobleman who saves poor Cinderella – what is striking is the unchanged popularity of Julia Roberts (as well as Richard Gere ). Unchanged because it seems not to be directly related to the fact that the actress is more or less engaged in new films.

In fact, his last film effort dates back to four years ago, before his recent role in the television miniseries “Gaslit” where he celebrated his return playing the role of the informant Martha Mitchell, wife of the former attorney general and confidant of Richard Nixon, or John N. Mitchell whose clothes are worn on the occasion by Sean Penn.

Julia Roberts is now 54 years old and in an interview with the weekly Corriere della Sera, Sette, explained how her absence from the scene was not linked to a particular choice but simply to the fact that she did not find anything interesting. And then she added: “It’s amazing how fast the years go by.” In the last period, the actress has been looking for more and more introspective roles, even darker ones, however characterized by lights and shadows. That’s why she came back with this very story, for that aspect that she “brought me closer to Martha, that is, how much she apparently she was a confident woman. One who knew how to move among powerful and rich men. But she actually had nerve and anxiety problems. ‘ Lei julia lei reveals that she would not have waited long to return to the scene if perhaps they had proposed a romantic script to the height of “Nottingh Hill”. In fact, her last acting on the subject of her dates back to “The Perfect Lovers” with Garry Marshall, about twenty years ago. And then there is another aspect to consider: in the meantime she has had three children. Julia explained how important it was for her to make her boys feel her presence, at the cost of sacrificing her career (but it wasn’t a renunciation, rather a coherent decision). She did it so as not to feel that sense of abandonment that she – she says – she is part of the condition of being a mother. And she claims that she has once again considered the possibility of throwing herself into new work projects only after having talked about it with her children, now grown up, who actually pushed her to resume her business.

All this makes her an even more special actress. It is difficult to find so much transparency. Another characteristic of her is her prerogative to never fit in with a part of her, unless it is the one that she deems right for her. Every movie she has made, she has fully shared in content. She says that for example “Mary Reilly” wanted her strongly. And that to be the protagonist in that film she was almost taken “fish in the face”, just to reiterate: “I always chose my fifty films. If I flop, I want to be able to say: it’s my flop ».

In short, Julia is an authentic woman. She replies to those who hypothesize that she has ensured her splendid smile, explaining that if she did, she would receive an invitation every day from a manager to remember in the evening to floss well … Just to define the better the character.

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