The Authors of the Inner World Have Released a Game About Life and Death Lost at Sea

The independent German team Studio Fizbin, known for the atmospheric puzzle game The Inner World, has released their new project, Lost At Sea. The game is available on PC, Xbox Series, and PlayStation 5.

Lost At Sea is a story of life and death, family, and reconciliation with the past. Its action takes place on a beautiful tropical island, but a long long journey awaits us: into the past of a woman named Anna.

By finding items that are significant for Anna during a walk around the island, we will be able to relive key moments of her life, rethink painful memories and get rid of obsessive fears. The heroine will be able to understand if she did the right thing and find out what led to her decisions.

Lost At Sea can be bought from Steam for 324 rubles: until July 22, the game is on sale at a discount.

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