the balance at the beginning of November –

From 104.99 cents per cubic meter to 196.25 cents per cubic meter. the increase of about 86% that the cost of the gas raw material will suffer in October, which therefore will result in a increase in consumption bills invoiced in October by almost 74 per cent, as anticipated by the CourierOctober 1, which reported the estimates of Staffetta Quotidiana. Arera, the Regulatory Authority for Energy, Networks and the Environment, has published on the website the value (i.e. the cost) of the gas that will be paid by those who receive the bill relating to consumption invoiced on account in October during the month of October. . So the gas rises again, after two quarters of respite (in the third quarter of 2022 it had remained unchanged and in the second quarter it had fallen by 10%), which had given some relief after the leaps in the first quarter of 2022 (+41, 8%), in the fourth quarter of 2021 (+ 14.4%) and in the third quarter of 2021 (+ 15.3%).

The provisional price

This is a provisional update, due to the fact that, with the fourth quarter of 2022, the periodicity of the tariff revision changed from quarterly to monthly and also the price taken as a reference, which is no longer the European one that is formed on the international market. wholesale Ttf of Amsterdam, but the Italian one that is formed on the PSV. There tariffs will be announced by the Authority in early November, indicatively Wednesday 2, after the period of consumption because they will be established on real prices. And on the basis of the tariffs, the adjustment will then be made: in the event that the real prices are higher, the bills will be corrected upwards, if the price of gas has fallen, the consumers will be reimbursed for the difference.

The sting of light

After the sting of electricity, which from 1 October to 31 December 2022 will be 59% more expensive (as regards electricity, the method has not changed and the tariff remains quarterly, while for both gas and electricity, Arera has given the possibility to companies of monthly bills), for those in the higher protection regime and not switched to the free market there is also an increase in gas. There end of the protected gas market scheduled for January 1, 2023while that of electricity scattered on 10 January 2024 and the Arera sent a report to the government and Parliament with a request to postpone the deadline, also as regards the end of the electrical protection for micro-enterprises, scheduled for next January 1. .

In 2023 a family will pay 4,320 euros for electricity and gas

How much will families pay in 2023? This was calculated by the president of Centro Consumatori Italia, Rosario Trefiletti. If the quarterly cost of electricity were to continue after the last decision of the Arera and settle at the level of 446 euros for the next four quarters of 2023, and that is for the whole year, families will find a bill equal to about 1,800 per year. Same thing for gas. Simulating a forecast that Arera will make at the end of October of a cost of 1.8 euros per cubic meter, the annual expenditure for this bill would settle at 2,520 euros per year. The overall total for the two bills would be € 4,320 per year. A sensational increase which, if compared to the total cost of 2022 (already hit by as many stratospheric increases) of 3,321 per year, would lead to further increases of 1,000 euros in annual household spending in 2023, already ruined today by inflation and bills.

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