The balance sheet of the epidemic of Covid-19 side in the world on this Saturday


The balance sheet of the epidemic of Covid-19 side in the world on this Saturday

Medical socorrrem the patient becomes infected by the coronavirus – an international conference

The new coronavirus has claimed at least 30.003 deaths around the world since December, according to a report of an international conference, based on official sources, up to 19 pm GMT on Saturday.

Since the beginning of the epidemic, more than 640.770 cases of infection have been registered in 183 countries and territories. The number of positive cases diagnosed, however, reflects only a portion of the total number of infections is due to the different policies of the different countries for the analysis of the case. Some of the testing is only for people in need of medical services.

In the last 24 hours, there was a 3.417 more deaths and 68.734 infections across the world. At the same time, the countries that recorded the most fatalities was in Italy, with 889 more deaths), Spain (832), and the United States (453).

The number of deaths in Italy, which recorded its first death linked to the virus by the end of February, it is 10.023. The country has had 92.472 infections. Since yesterday, the 889 deaths, and 5.974 new hiv infections have been reported. The Italian authorities consider that, in 12.384 people have been healed of their diseases.

After Italy, the countries most affected are Spain, with a 5.690 death, and 72.248 countries, mainland China, with a 3.295 death 81.394 cases); islamic republic of Iran, with a 2.517 death 35.408 of the cases); and in France, with 2.314 death 37.575 all cases).

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In the mainland of China (not including Hong Kong and Macau), where the epidemic broke out at the end of December, it registered a total of 81.394 people are infected with hiv, of which 3.295 have been killed and 74.971 they were completely gone. In the last 24 hours, were reported in 54 new cases and three deaths.

The United States is the country with the most infections, 115.547, which 1.891 dead, and in 921 made whole.

In the past 24 hours, the british virgin islands, Togo, Greece, Sri Lanka, and Jordan, have announced their first deaths from the illness.

This balance sheet has been prepared on the basis of data from the national authorities and are compiled by the office of the AFP and information from the World Health Organization (WHO).

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