The banker swallowed sleeping pills with wine. He made a fuss on the plane

Two hours after take-off, many of the plane’s passengers were already asleep. William Clegg, who wanted to join them, reached for sleeping pills. The man who mixed up his medications with wine started acting weird. As the flight attendants reported before the court, he was walking down the corridor and shouting. He even entered the place where the flight crew prepare meals.

The situation was getting so unpleasant that the superior flight attendant intervened, trying to convince the banker to finally sit down. At this point, Clegg released all the brakes. He started fiercely fussing, throwing food and demanding to see a friend he was firmly convinced was on board. A crew member informed the court that he “was at that point concerned about the safety of the plane.” The banker was supposed to shout “you know who I am?” For the sake of safety, the crew had to use coercive measures. Its members overpowered the man, handcuffed him and immobilized his legs.

The banker, who suffered from epilepsy as a child and who has a problem with insomnia, received a prescription from a doctor in the USA for the Ambien sleeping drug.

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