The Batman 4K – Too many bats in one Batcave!

In The Batman the metropolis of Gotham City is experiencing an even darker period of rampant crime and brutality to which is added the panic sown by the Riddler. The mysterious killer is the author of gruesome murders and riddles that hit hard a city already rotten to the core. His goal is not only high-level corruption and excellent skeletons in the closet, but also the past of the masked avenger. On the trail of the sadistic killer the Batman (Robert Pattinson) joins Lt. James Gordon (Jeffrey Wright) in a deadly game in which the vigilante finds himself one step away from losing his secret identity.

Metropolitan noir for the man-bat

Reboot in style for the avenger in disguise, where few would have bet on the ability to overcome the enthralling epic glories of the Nolan trilogy. Reeves’ work, based on the solid (especially for the first part) script in which he himself participated together with the good Peter Craig (Top Gun: Maverick, The Town), moves by one different visual and aesthetic approach. Dark tones and predominant darkpouring rain and suffocating atmospheres cannot fail to recall parallels with noir masterpieces such as Blade Runner by Ridley Scott o Se7en by David Fincher. Nonetheless, the soul of the dark knight is at least as tormented as that of his namesake in Nolan’s films, human depth and degree of empathy without disfiguring the memorable Jokers by Joaquin Phoenix and Heath Ledger. To prevent the work from reaching even higher peaks one not very exciting evolution of the investigation and the need in the second part to draw a little too many strings of the many open speeches. In addition to the amazing castin the head Pattinson together with the incredible (and unrecognizable) Colin Farrell and to follow Jeffrey Wright And Zoë Kravitzaffects the level of credibility that lights up the scene from within until the end credits. Not to be missed.

The Batman – Dolby Vision Rocks!

The work was entirely shot digitally with a bevy of state-of-the-art cameras as required by a world-class production like this one (Arri Alexa LF, Arri Alexa Mini LF, Arri Alexa Plus 4: 3 and Sony CineAlta Venice) with resolution between 4.5K and 6K to then come to a native 4K master. Original image format 2.39: 1 (3840 x 2160 / 23.97p), HEVC encoding on triple layer BD-100. Compared to its Full HD / 2K Blu-ray counterpart, Graig Fraser’s cinematography (Rogue One, Dune part 1 & 2) is more respected, i desaturated passages, the depth of blacks, the level of detail also in the background. An extremely complicated film with gloomy sets, accentuation only on some colors such as redheavy rain. The first moments of the prologue are enough with the subjective view of the remote viewer to realize the superior level of color accuracy and the highest degree of fidelity of the lights by virtue of the Dolby Vision. Technically reference publication that will delight all owners of native 10-bit TV screens, capable of orchestrating 1.07 billion color shades in the best possible way.

The Batman – Full-dynamic Dolby ATMOS

Party not only for the eyes but also for those who love to immerse themselves in a full-bodied and overwhelming sound, also possible in Italian thanks to Dolby ATMOS. Dynamics, aggression from every channelelements also from the vertical channels, enveloping effects and the ability to further elevate the already admirable artistic share of the story with the soundtrack. The original track is also recommended English to test the dialogues live and different levels of shades from the real voices of the protagonists.

Why so many Home Video editions?

The question is obviously rhetorical, but still leaves the choice of multiply Home Video publications of The Batman for Italy, going to differentiate in a really excessive measure with respect to the extras present or not. The Full HD Blu-ray does not contain extras, as well as the corresponding 4K Blu-ray in amaray case in plastic. There is a steelbook edition (the one with the “?” on the cover, but also another with the car in the background) with an extra disc of extras: here is a focus on the pursuit of Batman and Penguin and special effects; Colin Farrell’s make-up, deleted scenes and the Batmobile. Other steelbook (the one with the bat on the title in the middle position) more expensive adds to the supplements just mentioned too the extra “Gotham Planning”: meeting with director Matt Reeves who explains how he created Gotham City and managed to create a new atmosphere of the city thanks to special effects and brand new production and direction techniques. To this is added afurther “Batarang” edition which will be released in September, which includes the plate engraved with display easel, but inside it contains the Blu-ray 4K edition without extras (!) and more another only announced with booklet, poster and sticker.

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