The Batman: Matt Reeves is involved in the Penguin spin-off series

During the premiere of Thirteen Lives in Los Angeles, Colin Farrell revealed to ET that the director of The Batman, Matt Reevesis 100% involved in the spin-off on the Penguin. The HBO Max DC show will focus on Oswald Cobblepot’s rise to power in the criminal underworld of Gotham.

According to Colin Farrell, Matt Reeves is “so meticulous, so obsessive with what he does“, Also with the Punguino series.

Matt lives up to his bullshit, you know, he hovers over the keyboard and plans the story just because he’s so meticulous. He’s so obsessive about what he does, but he’s all over the place too [nella serie HBO Max] about Penguin. I mean, he’s not going to direct it but it’s all over the structure of the scripts and who’s going to direct them. And so, it’s exciting

The HBO Max show with Colin Farrelland with Matt Reeves leading the project of course, will further focus on Gotham’s criminal life. Furthermore, the series on the Penguin has the opportunity to introduce (and delve into) some new characters from the Batman comics. The Batman director e Dylan Clark are involved in the production of the series with Warner Bros. Television.

HBO Max is announcing a wide range of new content set in the DC universe. For example, The Suicide Squad – Mission Suicide (2021) got its spin-off with Peacemaker and James Gunn has repeatedly confirmed that he is working on a new project for the network. Plus, don’t forget that the Penguin series will be The Batman’s second spin-off. HBO Max will also produce a spin-off on Arkham Asylum.

The Batman with Robert Pattinson, Zoë Kravitz, Paul Dano, Jeffrey Wright, John Turturro, Andy Serkis And Colin Farrell grossed approximately $ 800 million worldwide.

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