‘The Beatles Raised Me’ Rolling Stone

Billie Eilish, Paul McCartney and Kendrick Lamar are the main attractions of Glastonbury 2022 – and the singer explained the importance of musicians to her

Billie Eilish was very happy and excited about the fact that she was one of the main attractions of the Glastonbury 2022 alongside big names in international music, such as Paul McCartney and Kendrick Lamar. In an interview with NMEthe singer praised the former member of the Fab Four.

It is worth noting how Eilish became the youngest headliner festival solo and the first born after 2000 to do so. On the other hand, McCartney will be the headliner soil older than Glastonburyand turned 80 on June 18, 2022. “It doesn’t matter how old you are, where you’re from, what you look like or who you are: you can do this f***,” stated the owner of “Happier Than Ever.”

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“My name next to theirs and being on the same level as them… is crazy. I remember how Kendrick headlined a festival I went to when I was 14, and I couldn’t believe he headlined this little festival because it was so big,” the artist continued.

And now I’m at the same festival as him and Paul McCartney… are you kidding me? You Beatles raised me. I feel like 95% of my love for music is due to Fab Four and Paul. It’s crazy to think about it.”

Billie Eilish used a stunt double at Coachella

Billie Eilish admitted in an interview with the Apple one who used a stunt double in his concert at the festival Coachella this year. According to the singer, a ballerina performed in her place at the beginning of the show.

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In videos of the performance, you can see a lookalike at the back of the stage as the singer introduces snippets of the tracks “Oxytocin” and “Happer Than Ever.” However, the stunt double’s face is not visible until approximately two minutes into the song, at which point “Bury a Friend” starts playing.

“I dressed her in a show outfit that I had worn before. We took a black wig and we put buns on it and we gave her a mask and sunglasses and she wore my shoes and my socks. I put her at the back of the stage. and she stood there while the lights came on and everyone thought it was me.”

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Eilish was also asked if she’s ever dressed up in disguise to watch other musicians who have performed at festivals when she’s not performing, and she admitted that she has. “But it was a different person and it didn’t work! I’ve done it, occasionally, in different places, and it’s really nice when you can do that,” she told her.

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