The beauty brands of American and Italian VIPs

dfrom make-up to skincare, stars from all over the world can no longer do without beauty (even as a job)

There is always room to discover and try out new products especially with regards to world of beauty. From skincare to make-up. From active ingredients to colours. From formulations to textures, then passing through ever-changing and newer colors and finishes: the world dedicated to face, body and hair care seems to be truly infinite and among many new realities, which are often based on the principles of small businesses, on ethics green and designed to enhance the territory, on the other hand are the celebrities who decide to jump into bigger businesses, and often on a global scale, to launch new proposals which, in addition to causing people to talk, often find great success.

Increasingly inclusive, designed not only for those who want to take care of their aesthetic appearance, but also for those who want to accept themselves. Today the world of beauty mixes and merges, giving rise to many innovations and, if in America it is a real boom and among the celeb who have chosen to go down this road we also find Brad Pitt, Alicia Keys, Rihanna and not only that, slowly also in Europe and Italy and celebrities and VIPs are choosing to land in this world. A new space where you can identify a new contact face to face and more direct with your fans and followers who follow them on the main social networks such as Instagram and TikTok.

Pleasing, Harry Styles

Born as a line of nail polishes, Harry Stiles’ beauty line has gradually expanded to include no-gender and color make-up. To stand out not only for the color choices, but also for the design that makes them real collector’s items.

Fenty (beauty and skins), Rihanna

Its skincare line has been designed to welcome and pamper all skin types, while the make-up includes one of the widest ranges of colors to include any ethnicity and shade. Every piece is a hit and the makeup makes anyone shine.

Florence by Mills, Millie Bobby Brown

Designed for the youngest, this line includes both skincare and make-up products. With a fun design and characterized by the lilac tint in order to differentiate itself and make inroads in the heart of Gen Z.

Light, Alessia Marcuzzi

A line of clean and organic cosmetics in continuous evolution that sees the range grow more and more. Designed for the most sensitive and easily irritable skins: really not to be missed.

Rhode Skincare, Hailey Bieber

Hailey Baldwin, better known as Hailey Bieber, has also joined the panorama of Hollywood stars. Currently distributed only in America, this line was born not only from a celebrity, but from a real skincare enthusiast who wanted to share her passion.

House Lab, Lady Gaga

Transformative and always ready to experiment with new looks and new make-up, Lady Gaga has launched a line of make-up that in a very short time has gone viral on TikTok and a must-have for any beauty lover.

Honest BeautyJessica Alba

A line that includes products for the face, body and make-up designed for those who suffer from sensitive skin and are unable to take advantage of the famous creams. Wanted by Jessica Alba, she thought of a skincare with delicate, respectful and gentle formulas.

Goovi, Michelle Hunziker

From skincare to make-up via make-up and food supplements: the Michelle Hunziker line is made entirely in Italy with up to 99.5% natural ingredients. The vivid shades that characterize the packaging allowing the brand to carve out its own space in the beauty world.

Keys Soulcare, Alicia Keys

“I learned that I can see people with my eyes, but it is the spirit that makes a person beautiful,” said Alicia Keys, founder of the brand with cruelty-free formulas developed by dermatologist Dr. Renée Snyder. Inspired by ancient beauty rituals, mineral and botanical ingredients are combined with modern ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, ceramides and bakuchiol to create gentle and highly effective formulas, ideal for all skin types.

Skkn, Kim Kardashian

First it was the turn of make-up until 2021 when Kim Kardashian announced a new rebrand and presented the 9-phase skincare line ideal for mature skin and designed to hydrate and plump the skin.

Kylie Cosmetics and Kylie Skin, Kylie Jenner

Her lip tints are a must for lipstick lovers, while her skincare featuring pink packaging has become a must-have for younger fans.

SOBEA Cosmetics, Federica Nargi

The craze for VIP beauty brands is also arriving in Italy and Federica Nargi’s make-up line is just the latest arrival. “By me, for you” a project dedicated to all women who want to express their potential without limits, in a natural, practical and simple way.

Rare Beauty, Selena Gomez

In just over two years this line has become an obsession for make-up lovers. With an elegant pack and clean formulas, its liquid blush is among the must-haves: super pigmented and easy to apply.

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