The best burger is coming back to McDonald’s! Get ready for long traffic jams and crowded streets! What types of lumberjacks?

Tomorrow, November 24, their best burger – Sandwich Drwala – returns to the McDonald’s chain. In what variants will the lumberjack be presented this year? Why do we need to prepare for traffic jams?

McDonald’s fans and others have been waiting for this day for months. The Drwal Sandwich finally finds its way to the fast-food chain. Its official premiere, the return, is scheduled for November 24 at 10:30. This time the burger will be served in five different variations. Each of them looks really inviting.

lumberjack burger lumberjack mcdonalds
photo by McDonald’s

The first type is a classic – a roll with cheese and pork scratchings on top and the two most important ingredients – beef and a cheese cake. In addition to the various standard extras, there will be four other versions. With cranberry, chicken (instead of beef), spicy, i.e. with jalapeno sauce, and double, with two meats.

lumberjack burger lumberjack mcdonalds
photo by McDonald’s

The return of the lumberjack means big problems for… drivers. You should be aware that this burger is an absolute hit, the popularity of which is only growing every year. Already last year we saw a real madness. In many places, the entire area around the fast-food bar was jammed. This is for a simple reason – it is enough if there is a roundabout or a larger intersection in the area.

People are lining up at McDonald’s. It is impossible to unload them – dozens of cars line up to McDrive. The others, waiting for their move, stay on the road and block it. The traffic jam is getting longer, reaching the intersection or the roundabout and the problem is ready – the traffic is absolutely blocked. This is not some rubbish – last year, at the premiere of the lumberjack, there were a lot of such situations!

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