The best TV series of the 70s, an exciting blast from the past.

Are you a fan of television series? Do you like vintage ones, still irresistible? Here are 10 TV series from the 70s that you are sure to love.

Retrace an iconic decade with us for TV shows: the mythical ones seventies from “Happy Days“And”Charlie’s Angels“, from “Starsky and Hutchand it’s “My friend Arnold“!

Lots of comedy, hilarious and engaging. Adventure and mystery.

But also science fiction and that touch of magic that still fascinates, even the new generations who reappear there with interest.

A pleasant return to the past, a leap into a carefree world, where you can meet undisputed icons of the small screen who have represented reference models for the television series of the following decades.

Happy Days

Raise your hand if you have never seen an episode of “Happy Days“, The television series that aired for eleven seasons, from 1974 to 1984 on ABC and that has influenced generations and generations to follow. Joy and involving enthusiasm that of Cunningham family and all the guys from Milwaukee, with a theme that continues to be one of the most famous tunes ever.

The protagonist is the Cunningham family made up of Howard (Tom Bosley) and his caring wife Marion (Marion Ross) with their children, Richard, called Richie (Ron Howard), and Joanie (Erin Moran).

To complete the bubbly team there are the friends of the young Richie: the hilarious Ralph Malph (Donny Most), the clumsy Potsie (Anson Williams) and the heartthrob Arthur Fonzarelli, the mythical Fonzie (Henry Winkler), who with his playboy airs will become Richie’s major advisor and style icon for his audience.

Charlie’s Angels

When you think of them, your mind immediately goes to the refined aesthetic taste of the fashionable clothes and hairstyles that they casually show off, even and above all in the well-known photographic poses.

The “Charlie’s Angels“, Or the three” angels “of the agency of the mysterious Charlie Townsend are Sabrina, Jill and Kelly (originally played by Kate Jackson, Farrah Fawcett and Jaclyn Smith).

These three charming detectives carry out a series of missions commissioned from them by the telephone voice of their boss (Charlie’s face will never be revealed) and aided by the good John Bosley, played by David Doyle.

The series was broadcast by the ABC from 1976 to 1981for a total of five seasons.

However, there were some changes in the image that have somewhat revolutionized the appeal: the only angel to remain for all the episodes is in fact Jaclyn Smith, since Fawcett will be replaced after the first season by Cheryl Ladd, in the role of his sister Kris, while Duncan will leave the series in the third season, being replaced first by Shelley Hack and then by Tanya Roberts.

Starsky and Hutch

It aired for four seasons, first appearing on the ABC in 1975 and until 1979.

The couple of the most beloved cops of the small screen, perhaps also because it is considered the best successful American crime series of all time, is composed of David Michael Starsky, played by Paul Michael Glaser, and Kenneth Hutchinson, renamed Ken Hucth, to whom he lends the face David Soul.

The two great friends and accomplices in every action of their daily life are deliberately represented very different from each other: the first with a difficult past dedicated to fast food, the second intellectual and attentive to the line.

In addition to the winning duo who get by with nice sketches and great suspense in the events of the city, we cannot forget the third undisputed protagonist of the series, or the Ford Gran Torinothe famous red car with the white stripe has made the skidding and chases on the streets of Bay City immortal, becoming a cult piece for all lovers of the TV series.

My friend Arnold

This too is a cornerstone of television series of all time.

Aired on the NBC and then on ABC for eight seasons from 1978 to 1986tells the adventures of the very nice little boy Arnold (Gary Coleman) who, together with his older brother Willis (Todd Bridges) is entrusted to the care and then definitively adopted by the rich Philip Drummond (Conrad Bain), who welcomes the two brothers into the house after death of their mother by making them join the family also made up of sweet daughter Kimberly (Dana Plato) and the extravagant housekeeper Edna (Charlotte Rae).

The series has had enormous success with audiences and critics, at least in the first few seasons, and has managed to perfectly balance the comedy with much more serious and mature tones that have been used to deal with difficult issues such as racism, abuse of drug and child abuse.

Lieutenant Colombo

An unforgettable character with an image of great visual impact: stern gaze, creased raincoat, scruffy but infallible nose to catch criminals.

Lieutenant Colombo”Marked the entire future representation of the investigative series. The original project, presented with a TV film and with a first pilot episode, gets underway in 1968 and continued for seven seasons until 1978: later, however, the fame of the character and his historical interpreter, Peter Falkleads to the development in 1989 of a second series known as “The return of Columbus”, Which ended definitively in 2003.

The series focuses on the investigation of Lieutenant Colombo, a sui generis Italian-American detective who never separates from his raincoat and cigar butt and whose name will never be openly revealed. He is responsible for solving countless cases that the public, with spasmodic curiosity, has never stopped loving.


It went on the air between 1964 and 1972, but it spread throughout the world with a widespread broadcast throughout the seventies. Its eight seasons revolve around the extravagant couple formed by Darrin Stephens and his wife Samantha: a solid and perfect couple from the outside, but with a particularity.

The woman is a witch: by wrinkling her nose she manages to send her own spells which most of the time end up leaving upset the nice husband who, as if that were not enough, also finds himself dealing with the eccentric mother-in-law (witch) Endora.

To make the “magical” balance of the family even more complex will be the arrival of the two children, Tabata and Adam, who will develop the same skills as Samantha.

In 2005, “Bewitched”Gave rise to a film adaptation of the same name starring Nicole Kidman as Samantha, Shirley MacLaine as Endora and Will Farrell as Darrin.

The Jeffersons

Nice and funny, the spouses George and Louise Jefferson from Queens they arrive at the Upper East Side of Manhattan thanks to a successful chain of laundries.

A great success achieved by the series, so much so that eleven seasons have come out broadcast by CBS between 1975 and 1985.

At the center of the episodes always seasoned by the couple’s sarcasm, however, very important issues are also addressed such as that of the integration between opposite worlds: not only the gap between the life of Harlem and the luxurious one of Manhattan, but above all the presence of a couple of color within a reality mainly for “whites”.

Thanks to the adventures of the couple’s daily life, viewers have the opportunity to explore an infinite variation of different values ​​thanks to the presence of other characters such as the busy housekeeper Florence, the strange Mr. Bentley and the stingy goalkeeper Ralph.

Three hearts for rent

Hilarious television series that also addresses social issues that characterized the historical moment. With ben eight seasons transmitted on 1977 and 1984was born as a remake of the British “A man in the house“. The protagonists are Janet and Chrissy, two girls who, after the departure of the third roommate, welcome their friend Jack, aspiring cook, into their house.

But there is a big problem to be solved: the owner of the building in which they live, Mr. Roper, is against coexistence between boys of different sexes and therefore the three are forced to pretend that Jack is homosexual, resulting in a series of curtains and misunderstandings all to laugh.

Three hearts for rent”Sees the consecration of the comic inspiration of the late John Ritter, in the role of Jack, who is excellently accompanied by Joyce DeWitt, or Janet, and Suzanne Somers, in the role of Chrissy.

George and Mildred

Born as a spin off of “A man in the house”, This famous British series has been so successful that it has been confirmed for five seasons gone aired between 1976 and 1979.

The protagonists are the Roper spouses, owners of the building where Chrissy, Jo and Robin live: George, played by Brian Murphy, he is the classic middle-aged man who is lazy and stingy, always seated in front of the TV or intent on reading the newspaper; his wife Mildred, aka actress Yootha Joyce, instead works as hard as she can to enter the elite of the neighborhood women, using extravagant clothes and fake jewelry and pushing her husband to become more active.

During the episodes, he witnesses the daily squabbles of the couple, who have been married for 25 years, made up of sharp jokes, funny allusions and a lot of sarcasm that also involve their neighbors, the wealthy Fourmile spouses.

Love Boat

Spectators, let’s go, the Pacific Princess is ready to sail! This is the name of the luxurious cruise ship that is the backdrop to the events of “Love Boat”, Which has found space on the channel of the ABC from 1977 to 1987 for a total of ten seasons.

A crossover episode was also made with the TV series “Charlie’s Angels“.

The ship’s friendly crew consists of Captain Merrill Stubing (Gavin Macleod), Cruise Director Julie McCoy (Lauren Tewes), Bartender Isaac (Ted Lange), Doctor Adam Bricker and Burl “Gopher” Smith (Bernie Kopell and Fred Grandy).

The characteristic note of this production lies in the fact that alongside the fixed cast that makes up the crew of the Pacific Princess, in each episode several new characters appear who are actually popular faces of the small screen and American cinema of that period.

Among others, we remember how guest star Janet Jackson, David Hasselhoff, Joan Collins, Tom Hanks, Gina Lollobrigida, the Village People and even Andy Warhol.

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