The Best VR and AR Games to Keep You Fit in 2020

Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) have been gaining a lot of traction these past few years. In fact, market research shows that VR alone will be worth more than $15 billion by the end of this year. AR integration in popular titles like Spirit Camera has also put the technology close to VR’s numbers. Both systems utilize a sophisticated power delivery system design to function, due to the advent of integrated circuit technology. For example, powerful chip systems enable VR headsets to run complex programs in such small devices. This is also what enables AR software to read real-world environments and project computer-generated layers.

Mixed reality, as they’re both called, present developers with the opportunity to make games more immersive and interesting. Now, these people are using both to encourage people to exercise. That said, here are four games that are sure to get you out of bed.

Pokémon Go

Exercise doesn’t necessarily have to involve lifting weights — you can exercise simply by taking a slow walk around the neighborhood. And with Pokémon Go, you’ll have the perfect excuse to do so. Much like the other games in the franchise, your goal is to catch ’em all!. However, in Pokémon Go, for your avatar to walk around and catch Pokémon, you, too, need to be moving! The app lets you know which Pokémon are near, as well as the major landmarks you’ll find them in, to encourage you to explore your local area. Just remember to wear a mask and practice distancing protocols if you decide to try this out in the near future!

Zombies, Run!

If you’re a huge fan of apocalypse movies, then you already have an idea of what this game entails. That’s right; it “encourages” (read: forces) you to run from zombies. Plus, every time you complete a running goal, the game rewards you with neat items. Of course, it’s still a running app at its heart—so expect thoughtful breaks, adjustable distances, and appropriate speeds for every round. It even has warm-ups and cool-downs for before and after your sessions to avoid any potential injuries in the coming days. Again, avoid people as much as possible and jog with a mask on.

Beat Saber

For a rhythm game, Beat Saber is surprisingly exhausting. Basically, it’s a game that has you slicing giant boxes with two sabers while avoiding walls and other objects. It sounds simple… except it’s in VR. Since it’s VR, expect hours of ducking, dodging, and swinging your arms! The added weight of the Oculus device on your head can only add to the challenge. One of the game’s musicians even released a “FitBeat” track for those who want a real workout.


We can’t talk about mixed reality fitness without featuring one of the best games in the category: BoxVR. This game is a pure cardio workout. The gameplay is based around punching targets, blocking, and, much like Beat Saber, avoiding barriers by squatting or dodging. A very simple concept, but one of few games applauded by professionals for “getting boxing right.” After all, all its workouts are choreographed by top fitness instructors from across the globe.

Anyone with a smartphone can download AR games, but VR titles can only be accessed by those with the proper hardware like the Oculus Quest and PlayStation VR. Still, physical fitness has never been more fun. If you find yourself unmotivated, it definitely helps to integrate mixed reality into your fitness routine.

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