The Bestiary, the Rosichina –

There Rosichina is a legendary being who feeds on rainbow words.

To frame the nature of Rosichina just think of the double personality of the phenomenal character of Gollum. La Rosichina is divided. On the one hand there is the good Gollum, who is not good, in defense of all women in all respects. On the other hand there is the bad Gollum, who is really bad, so it is true that women are the same, but some are less equalespecially if they take the chair out from under her ass when she thought she would be sitting comfortably comfortably.

Taking a step back, Rosichina is quoted by Freud as an emblematic case in his “Interpretations of dreams”. In fact, the father of psychoanalysis reminds us that if we dream of a Rosichina who kidnaps us and tries to devour our heart, it means that in our unconscious we fear that a Rosichina will kidnap us and try to devour our heart or that more likely we have not digested the peperonata.

Rosichina’s problem is that lacking valid arguments to make a sensible criticism, she draws from her own ideology the clichés that most belong to her. So he sticks to words. Words become values, values ​​become words. Thus the choice between being called “the president”, “the president” or “the presidenta” becomes as important as obtaining world peace or finding the definitive solution to unwanted hair.

But other battles over words mitigate Rosichina’s anger. For example, he can’t stand the concept of “Food sovereignty” as if she too did not enjoy the culinary uniqueness of our country, preferring to them the cockroach milk which makes a lot of globalism and is only useful if you need to put the pepperoni mentioned above back.

Another word that Rosichina does not like is “family”. Hateful term for being mythological because it defines the man who works and the woman who irones, while the woman and the man should, according to Rosichina, both go to work with wrinkled clothes or iron both without working and suffering from hunger. But Rosichina does not ask herself the problem because she has an immigrant who irones her rainbow shirts.

Deep down, but deep down, Rosichina is tender because, ideologically convinced of the rightness of her nominal battles, she does not realize that she is not responding to real problems. For this reason she is destined, in this way, not to govern for the next twenty years and above all to continue not to digest the peperonata.

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