The Big Brother of real estate is coming: what it seeks and who risks

Controls against Italians are intensified, and they are passing under the magnifying glass properties. The reason? Now the authorities also want to know the energy performance of buildings and apartments, in order to verify whether certain facilities implemented to make the structures more sustainable have been used or not.

Once again everything will start from a database, managed by the National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development (Aeneas). The data collection will contain all the information relating to the real estate assets of Italians already contained in other databases.

Roberto Cingolani, current Minister of Ecological Transition, issued a decree last August 4, on n.304, in which one of the measures envisaged in the Pnrr is implemented. The text lists the operating modes of the National portal on the energy performance of buildingsestablished at the National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development (Enea).

A real Big Brother, aimed at collecting any information relating to domestic buildings, ai energy consumption and the redevelopment of public buildings. The aim is to arrive at the establishment of a sort of “building passport”.

The information will be sent to the new one database from the cadastre of energy performance certificates, but also from the GSE (Energy Services Manager), from the single counter for qualified energy certifying authorities, from the information system on the operations of public bodies, from the Iper of the State Property Agency, from the cadastral archives of the Tax Aeneas herself. Data will also come from the national repertory of territorial data, from the resident population registry and from the database on school buildings. We will then add all the information in the possession of the Revenue Agency regarding the deductions applied such as superbonus, ecobus etc

The authorities want to know everything about the properties, starting from the size and nature of the building in terms of volume, number of rooms, year of construction, cadastral category. In particular, you want to know what the energy characteristics by building and real estate units, such as class Ape, opaque and transparent dispersing surface, type of heating system, electricity production, annual consumption and more. Information on any maintenance interventions will also be sought.

With this huge amount of data, the Ministry of Ecological Transition aims to create advisory tools e planning useful to guide citizens in the process of improving their properties. Among the objectives, also that of intensifying the redevelopment program of the structures present in the country, thus creating work and getting closer to the decarbonisation objective of the civil sector.

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