The bitter quarrel of the royal brothers lasts much longer than suspected. It started before Meghan Markle

Recently, the well-known tiktoker Tasha, who follows every move of the British royal family, recalled the love affairs of Prince William, which were analyzed by the press years ago. William was to change after the appearance of Princess Kate, and shortly thereafter children. Tasha proves that this is a fairy-tale scenario, but the reality is completely different. William and Harry have been quarreling for years, although so far it has been said that the first conflict was the instant proposals of Harry and Meghan Markle. The nail in the coffin of the relationship between Prince William and Prince Harry was not leaving the British court with Meghan Markle, but … the betrayal of the future heir to the throne.

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The conflict of the royal brothers has been going on for years. It was about William’s betrayals

Fans of the royal family count on the fact that Prince William and Prince Harry, after unveiling the monument in honor of their deceased mother, buried the war ax and came to an agreement. Although it may look like this, they have a lot of problems to solve. They were supposed to start in 2014, even before Harry met his wife. There was a woman in Prince William’s life at the time. It was with Jecca Craig that he went on vacation in 2014, leaving his wife at the royal court.

Harry was aware of his brother’s affair and knew that this was not how the future king should behave. Then they stopped getting along, there was a quarrel. Things got even more complicated when Meghan Markle showed up. It has been speculated that William is not thrilled with Prince Harry’s beloved. There were many tensions between them, in which the future duchess stood in the background. William was to object to the American woman, which concerned undermining the rules of the monarchy, while he himself could not remain faithful to his wife. His brother’s hypocrisy was supposed to drive Harry crazy.

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In the video, Tasha proves that in 2019, after the scandal with the betrayal of William with Rose Hanbury (a friend of Princess Kate), Harry completely ignored his brother. During the church ceremonies on the occasion of Easter in 2019, he did not exchange a word with him, which – according to tiktokerka-analyst – was to be associated with further information about the relationship between William and Rose.

In the recording from 2019, it is noted that Harry, who came to the mass alone (Meghan was in an advanced state of pregnancy at the time), ignores William. She is not talking to him, not standing close to him.

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There are many unsolved cases between them, but both of them are stubborn, and the conflict has been dragging on for years and there are no signs that it will end soon.

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