the boss of the newspaper to the reporter, leaves the prison-

He finished serving six years for the magazine launched to the Rai journalist Daniele Piervincenzi. But it is not excluded that a surveillance measure may be triggered by the Police Headquarters

Acquitted at the end of September of the charge of double murder, Roberto Spada returned to freedom in Ostia. Against him remain other disputes by the judicial authority, which instead confirmed on appeal bis the life imprisonment for Ottavio Spada for the ambush in which on November 22, 2011 in via Antonio Forni, also in Ostia, Giovanni was killed Galleoni and Francesco Antoninibetter known as Baficchio and Sorcanera, believed to belong to a rival clan.

At the moment the position of Carmine Spada was removed while the attorney general Francesco Mollace had requested the confirmation of the three life sentences of the first degree. Roberto Spada, for whom it is possible to take a surveillance measure by the Police Headquarters, has finished serving his sentence for the now famous newspaper launched to the Rai journalist Daniele Piervincenzi and to the operator Edoardo Anselmi at the end of an interview in his boxing gym in Ostia on the alleged relations between the clans of Ostia and CasaPound on the eve of the elections.

It was November 2017 when Spada was arrested and taken first to Regina Coeli and then to the maximum security prison of Tolmezzo accused and then sentenced to six years for injuries And threats aggravated by mafia method. The attacker of the two reporters now weighs a sentence of another 10 years for mafia association redetermined at the end of September in the final hearing of the trial for the double murder from which he was acquitted.

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The Corriere della Sera and the website are out today and tomorrow without the signatures of journalists due to trade union agitation

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