The building after Tesco is sold. The same investor will launch a shopping mall near Mrówka


At the end of last year, the building once occupied by Tesco and the entire adjacent area with the parking lot was purchased by Sputnik from Starogard Gdański. The same, which launched in April last year nearby, at ul. Armii Krajowej, Mrówka market.

– So far, the investor does not provide any plans for this property – says Wiesław Ratkowski, head of the construction and architecture department of the Municipal Office in Świecie.

The post-Tesco building has over 3,000 sq m. sq m (of which 2 thousand m is the sales part, and the rest is warehouse, social and office space).

Will it be full of customers again? For now, the Tesco building is closed, and the entrance to the parking lot is blocked by concrete posts


Sputnik also owns a building near Mrówka, where shops are rented by Biedronka, RTV Euro AGD and Sinsay.

It is known, however, that the company from Starogard does not intend to stop there.

– The office received an application for an environmental decision for a new commercial facility located on the plot behind Mrówka – explains Wiesław Ratkowski.

It is supposed to be a shopping arcade resembling Multibox in terms of architecture, but much larger. While Multibox has “under the roof” 5 thousand. m, the new Sputnik investment is to have as much as 8 thousand. sq m. Additionally, there will be a car park for 200 cars.

– The construction will probably start this year – forecasts the head of the construction and architecture department.

For now, it is still unknown what about the gallery on the plot in the vicinity of Bricomarché at ul. Cukrowników, which was to be built by Arka Bud Invest from Wejherowo.

In November 2019, the councilors adopted a resolution on the adoption of a spatial development plan for the area between Wodna and Armii Krajowej Streets. The plan allows for the construction of commercial facilities with a sales area of ​​more than 2,000 sq m. It was a necessary condition for the investor to seriously consider building a gallery with an area of ​​6.4 thousand. sq m

– The area will be fenced in two weeks, and construction works will begin in about two months – said the portal Extra Świecie in the first half of September last year, Krzysztof Guppert, director for commercial and real estate sales at Arka Bud Invest. – We assume that the facility will be ready in about a year.

The director announced that 70 percent. of space in the facility which is to be erected at ul. Sugar producers are already rented. However, he did not want to reveal who the contracts were signed with.

It is the beginning of January, and the construction works announced by Arka Bud have not started yet.

– Indeed, so far nothing is happening there – admits Wiesław Ratkowski. – We do not have any information when the investor intends to take it. It is a private investment on private land, so in such cases our role is limited to monitoring what is happening on the construction market in the commune. On the other hand, we do not know anything that the company would withdraw from its plans to build the gallery, emphasizes the head of the construction and architecture department of the secular office.

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