The bullying of Big Brother Vip against Nikita Pelizon

Nikita Pelizon, new competitor of the Big Brother Vip house, becomes the target of the bullies of the big television eye: against Elenoire Ferruzzi and the others who attack her, the agents of the model and the former participant Marco Bellavia line up.

Elenoire Ferruzzi is definitely one of the most controversial and polarizing characters of this edition of Big Brother Vip, conducted by Alfonso Signorini. In these hours, the woman has become the protagonist and leader of the bullying that the competitors of the house are leading, almost in the form of a pack, against the new competitor who has arrived inside the most famous house in Italy, the model Nikita Pelizon. From “you’re a shit” to “you’re bad luck”, let’s try to understand why the episode of Marco Bellavia did not teach anything and why, above all, the wickedness makes so much television share.

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Bullying against Nikita Pelizon

Bullying and personal fury dictated by unreasonable motivations are, unfortunately, one ageless petty behavior, although we like to think that growing up and leaving adolescence this phenomenon disappears. Here, it is not so, it is the current one edition of Big Brother Vip confirms it in full. After the very sad story of Marco Bellaviaformer competitor convinced to abandon the program after the insults received for and because of his depressiondisease of which the presenter of Bim Bum Bam has been suffering openly for years, the GFVip participants seem not to have learned the lesson, or have decided to use it to their advantage. Victim of yet another disproportionate act of bullying is this time Nikita Pelizonwhose presence inside the house is continually hindered by the comments and offenses of Elenoire Ferruzzi (among others). The last episode, which perhaps will cause its own expulsion by Ferruzzi, he saw it spit on the ground after the passage of Pelizon. A sign of contemptcommented by a particularly unpleasant laugh from the competitor Spinalbese, who represents a gesture against the evil eye. This is Pelizon’s problem, that is, according to Ferruzzi, it “brings bad luck”.

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The complaint of the staff and the support of Marco Bellavia

Obviously the insults were not limited to this very unfortunate phrase: “Limited”, “shit face”, “insane” are some of the epithets given to the competitor. A rage also denounced with anger by the staff who manage, while she is in the house, Nikita’s Instagram profile, who publishes a story where she underlines the serious fact. “We officially ask Big Brother to take very serious measures for some competitors who have said and put in place conduct potentially qualifying as a crime, they incited hatred and verbal and psychological violence, they bullied Nikita by creating a herd ”. Even Marco Bellavia, who left the program independently for the same reasons that the staff denounced, commented on the incident in support of Pelizon: “After what I saw at Big Brother Vip I want to unbalance and advise that Elenoire Ferruzzi be disqualified. Respect is the first rule of coexistence between individuals ”.

“Porta iella”, from Mia Martini to Marco Masini

The bad luck and the evil eye, for many in Italy, they are a serious matter: it is no coincidence that we get our ears pricked up when we hear Ferruzzi’s accusations against Pelizon, given the dramatic effects that these phrases have had in the history of Italian pop culture. We all remember with great bitterness the case of My Martini, whose prejudice about her “bringing bad luck” has cost her not only the withdraw from the Italian music scene, but also the life. According to some, in fact, the cardiac arrest mentioned in the reason for death does not correspond to reality. The singer-songwriter also seemed destined for a similar fate Marco Masiniwhich has managed to recover from the image that it is star system she had sewn on him. Of one who, in fact, “brought bad luck”.


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When bullying makes you share

While waiting for the possible elimination of Elenoire Ferruzzi tonight, during the usual Thursday episode of Big Brother Vip, we propose a reflection: beyond the obvious malignancy of the behavior of some competitors, it is inevitable to note that in these cases, to get away with it in terms of notoriety, both the executioner and the victim more often. As if, in some way, it expresses more empathy the path of redemption of a villain who becomes good (with a varied and eventual percentage of truth) rather than the story of a victim, finished and finished, who has nothing else to tell. This, which happened with Ciacci, Bellavia’s bully, could also happen in the dispute between Ferruzzi and Pelizon. Remembering that it is still a TV program that tends to be tailor-made for its audience, the question arises: why, while we suffer for the mistreated, in the end, do we win the bullies?

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