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from Ilaria Sacchettoni

Emanuel Datan speaks The passenger of the Suzuki Swift driven by Chiara Silvestri thinks. The woman missed a crossbar and to recover curves suddenly swooping down on the two boys

Reflexes slowed by alcohol. The car launched in speed. An accidentally forgotten crossroads. All the violence of a sudden swerve. And here, in slow motion, the film of the Wednesday night tragedy in via Cristoforo Colombo. Francesco Valdiserri, 18, dies like this, overwhelmed by a series of mistakes. The testimony of Emanuel Datan Pensa, the passenger of the Suzuki Swift driven by Chiara Silvestri, listened to on Monday afternoon by the municipal agents conducting the investigative investigations, closes the circle. The boy reconstructs the missing part of that evening and offers confirmation to the accusatory system of the prosecutor Erminio Amelio. true, the car was going fast, Emanuel put it on the record. False that Chiara was on the phone. True, however, she had taken the wrong road. She realized that she had passed the street in which we should have turned and suddenly swerved taking the pavement and the boy still says the friend of the young girl from Dragona ended up under house arrest for road murder.

Her lucid, clean, detailed story: unlike her friend Silvestri, neither affected by emotion nor rendered unreliable by the effects of alcohol. Emanuel has seen and remembers everything. The tragedy of Francesco due to high speed. But also at a last minute oversight. The crossbar missed by a whisker and the attempt to recover the situation in a corner. Inside, it may be, he feels the relief of being saved. It could have ended badly for him, after all, being thrown at the speed of a bullet on a half-run car.

His version appears reliable at the moment but will be read in the light of some expert reports. The kinematics on the speed of the car and the other on Silvestri’s cell phone. Today the (unrepeatable) investigations are planned for the girl’s smartphone. The technicians consulted will have to resolve a series of doubts. Was Silvestri consulting messages? Was he chatting with anyone?

Questions to which it will be possible to answer only after a series of checks on the mobile phone.
Silvestri, assisted by the lawyer, withdrew the re-examination. Her arrest is based on the presence of a higher alcohol level than allowed (1, 57) and a non-secondary precedent. In 2020, as a new driver, the girl had been subjected to a suspension of her driving license for a period of six months. Today
, facing the interrogation of guarantee in front of the judge for the preliminary investigations and the prosecutor, said she was devastated by the sense of guilt for killing a boy. Fragile for the shock reported, confused by the night passed, the woman admitted some circumstances including the speed of travel well above the thirty kilometers per hour allowed in that stretch. The word now goes to the experts.

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