The carpets by designer Kangan Arora are the mood of autumn

Kangan Arora is a textile designer of Indian origin who has created a large collection of carpets for the design studio Floor Story specializing in geometric or abstract prints and patterns and creating an unmistakable style. We see below some of the most beautiful carpet models in his collection, perfect for decorate house in autumn (and not only!).

Kangan Arora rugs are the real protagonists of the environment

sofa on carpet by Kangan Arora
Photo Floor Story | Yantra carpet

THE carpets by Kangan Arora they are conceptually based on ancient Indian cosmic art, with influences from the 1930s Japanese artist Sanzo Wada color scheme dictionary.

The result is design works that defy the laws of perspective, be it the color contrasts in the carpet Yantra or the optical illusions of the carpet Chakraor the runner’s mantra chessboard Tango.

tango runner rug by kangan arora
Photo Floor Story | Runner Tango

All Kangan Arora rugs engage the mind in unique visual experiences. The different color combinations are cleverly juxtaposed to create chromatic works – it’s really an understatement to just call them carpets – who are the real protagonists of the environment.

How to arrange rugs at home? If you choose one of these models, the answer is simple: put them in the center of the room, they deserve to be in the spotlight!

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