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What are the actors that make up the cast of The OC? In the early 2000s, the show aired in about fifty countries around the world, achieving great success. The intriguing experience of its protagonists, the strident superficiality and the most unexpected events make it a mix that immediately wins the hearts of viewers, so much so as to give a great deal of fame to the interpreters of the TV show OC. Some of them, in particular, have remained unforgettable from yesterday to today.

The OC: the plot of the tv series

There television series The O.C aired from 2004 to 2007 on Italia Uno and Mediaset Premium. It is focused on Ryan Atwoodthe troubled kid who after going to jail for helping his brother steal a car, goes to live in Newport Beach with lawyer Sandy and Kirsten Cohen taking him in. From a life of poverty and domestic abuse, he finds himself catapulted into a superficial society, where intrigues, betrayals and lavish luxury abound. Against this background Ryan lives his identity conflict, soon becomes friends with Seth Cohen and weaves a relation with Marissa Cooper.

The OC cast: the main actors

Actor Benjamin McKenzie as Ryan Atwood

In the role of Ryan Atwoodone of the most requested subjects still today oc wallpapersis the actor Benjamin McKenziealso protagonist of the TV series Gotham broadcast on Netflixin the role of James Gordon. Of Scottish origin, born in 1978, he owes a lot to the series OC which brought him great popularity. Since 2015 he has been linked to Morena Baccarin, he is a colleague of him in Gotham with whom he has two children, Frances Laiz Setta Schenkkan and Arthur.

Adam Brody as Ryan’s brother Seth Cohen

In our teen drama, Seth Cohen instead it is interpreted by Adam Brodyan American with over twenty years of career, among the few who have participated in all the episodes The O.C. She boasts a long curriculum, not only in television but also in cinema, having acted in films such as Mr & Mrs Smith and Sorry. I like your father. Not only. Today, Adam Brody is also a film producer and musician: he plays drums in the band Big Japan.

Actor Peter Gallagher from the soap opera Trails to The OC

The character of Sandy Cohen in The OCis instead entrusted to Peter Gallagher which many will remember in Law & Order- Special Victims Unit, as deputy chief of the NYPD. The New York actor made his debut in the seventies acting in the soap opera Trails. Then comes the cinema with many successful films, among which American Beauty; great fame follows in cast The O.C as Sandy Cohen and tons of other roles like those in New Girl and Grey’s Anatomy.

The OC Cast: Kelly Rowan is Kirsten Cohen

Between The O.C. characters we can not forget the very blonde Kirsten Cohen, Seth and Sophie Rose Cohen’s birth mother, and Ryan’s adoptive mother. The role is played by the Canadian Kelly Rowan who moved from Ottawa to Los Angeles in 1990 to fulfill his secret dream of being aactress. He acts for both the small and the big screen, also appearing in CSI Miami and perception.

Marissa in The OC: Is she dead or will she come back in season 5?

Separate chapter deserves one of most important characters from the TV series: Marissa Cooperplayed by Mischa Barton. What happens to her in The OC 3 season it is an epochal event. In particular, the death of Marissa Cooper characterizes the last episode: he loses his life in Ryan’s arms, leaving not only him but also millions of fans in despair. Her interpreter, Mischa, is a British naturalized American actress and model. She made her debut at the age of 9 and took part in numerous other shows, also appearing in many music videos such as Goodbye my lover by James Blunt e Addicted by Enrique Iglesias. The appearance in the series of Orange County still represents a crucial role in his career so much so that it has been rumored that Marissa is alive in The OC 5 season. However, despite the frantic desire of fans, a revival is currently ruled out.

Summer in The OC played by Rachel Bilson

Ever since the episodes of The OC first seasonappears Rachel Bilson in the role of Summer Roberts, romantically committed to Seth and linked to Ryan by a deep friendship. Initially her character is that of a spoiled and superficial girl, more attentive to appearing than to being. But her character maturation is one of the crucial points in The OC 4 season. We then find it again TV shows Heart of Dixie, Nashville and Take Two. Today, 41-year-old Californian Rachel Bilson has nearly 1.5 million followers on Instagram.

Melinda Clarke in The OC cast: plays the role of Julie

From secondary character in The OC first season it goes on to be main in the next one. We are talking about Julie, the mother of Marissa Cooper, a woman willing to do anything for money. She plays it Melinda Clarkeactress of various TV series such as Witches and Xena – Warrior Princess. More recently, she has appeared in about fifty episodes of the television series Nikitaas well as in Gotham.

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