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The terrorist was hiding in a building in Sherpoor, a residential area of ​​Kabul, a few tens of meters from the Western embassies

There death for a terrorist starts from his life path. Her behavior, her contacts, her possible shelters. She may rarely or never come out of her lair, but that too has become a note in the hunters’ file. happened with Osama, with the Caliph al Baghdadi and now with al Zawahiri.

The elimination of the Qaedist leader tells a lot. Meanwhile, the hiding place. Not a cave or a house in a remote area, but a building in Sherpoor, a residential area of ​​Kabul, a few tens of meters from the Western embassies. Bin Laden had made a similar choice: the famous compound in Abbottabad, the Pakistani town home to a military academy. Both presences enjoyed complicity and tolerance. Less declared is that of Pakistan, the Taliban hospitality for Ayman is evident. The best camouflage is to be close to the heart, not on the outskirts. THE fugitives like Zawarihi they have a hope of escaping their pursuers only if they remain immobile in their base. Not a choice, they are forced to do it. If they decide to change scenery they take a risk.

The Egyptian extremist took the step and the CIA discovered his probable move to the capital with his family earlier this year. From here she began the spinning, the composition of the life path, the possible location and identification in spring. The intelligence, even if the US has abandoned Afghanistan, has done its job effectively: if the Egyptian doctor had remained in the tribal area or in some remote gorge it would have been more difficult to find out. But the target, by settling in the city, shortened the distances, making it possible for informants on the ground to act. Albeit with great caution given the vigilance of the Haqqani radical apparatus, which has always been the protector of the Qaedists and today at the top of Afghan security. A bad blow also for the extremist mullahs. US espionage then repeated the pattern used to liquidate Osama.

Technicians have built a model of the dwelling combining close observation, satellite reconnaissance and who knows what else. Obama was shown a perfect model of the building in Pakistan, a precise scale reconstruction for a very risky operation. Biden was offered a reproduction of the house in Kabul and pointed to the weak point: the Zawahiri’s alleged habit of sometimes staying on the balcony. Maybe he did it every morning and the eyes that marked him registered it. A window, in all senses, used by drone to release its Hellfire missiles.

Finally a note on the character. Al Zawahiri was a important ideologueHe had a role in the expansion of jihadism, for years been a number two of great weight. When, eleven years ago, he took over from Osama he failed to demonstrate the same relevance. Fault of the times, al Qaeda has been overtaken in extremism by the Islamic State, more agile, less disguised and unorthodox, based on pure violence. Ayman bored the audience with long sermons via the web, the sympathizers of the holy war criticized his clean clothes to underline with him he did not get his hands dirty, they even gave him up for dead. He spoke and few listened to him. However, it has not disappeared, it has managed to maintain its influence on the old guard and on some regional components. In Somalia, in the Indian sub-continent, in the Sahel and in Syria. Factions that have resisted the wave of the Caliphate. A UN report warned: the movement is always a threat. Now it scepter of command it could pass to another veteran, also Egyptian, Seif al Adel, or son-in-law Abdel Rahman al Maghrebi.

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