The Choice – The Choice, plot and cast of the film based on the novel by Nicholas Sparks

Let’s delve into the romantic and dramatic 2016 film, which tells the passionate love story between Travis and Gabby

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The Choice – The Choice is a 2016 drama film directed by Ross Katz. The film, written by Bryan Sipe, is based on the novel of the same name by Nicholas Sparksreleased in 2007. Here’s everything you need to know.

The Choice – The Choicethe plot


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The protagonist of the film is Travis Shawa veterinarian who falls in love with at first sight Gabby Holland, medical student. However, the girl has an affair with a colleague of hers, Ryan McCarthy, who has to leave. With Ryan out of state, Gabby and Travis start spending a lot of time together and fall in love. Travis takes Gabby at night to an island, given to him by his grandfather, from where you can see the stars. When Ryan returns, Gabby decides to leave Travis and marry her fiancé. The marriage, however, will not take place because Gabby decides to leave her Ryan of her: when Travis finds out about her he runs to her and asks her to marry her. The two get married and over the years have two children and form a happy family. One night, Gabby is waiting for Travis for a romantic dinner which she will never arrive at due to a work emergency. The woman then decides to go home but she gets involved in a serious accident with another car. She survives, but ends up in a coma that seems permanent. Will Travis’s love wake her up?

The Choice – The Choicethe cast


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The protagonists of the film are Benjamin Walker and Teresa Palmer, respectively as Travis and Gabby. The Australian actress is known for playing, among others, the protagonist of the drama 2:37which earned her a nomination in the category Best Actress at the Australian Film Institute Awards. To play Ryan is instead Tom Wellingfamous for playing Clark Kent on the series Smallville. As for the rest of the cast Maggie Grace (Stephanie Parker), Alexandra Daddario (Monica), Tom Welling (Dr. Ryan McCarthy), Tom Wilkinson (Dr. Shep), Noree Victoria (Liz), Brad James (Ben), Anna Enger (Megan), Wilbur Fitzgerald (Mr. Holland), Callan White (Mrs. Holland), Jesse C. Boyd (Matt), Dianne Sellers (Jackie) and Brett Rice (Dr. McCarthy).

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