the complete lineup of Disney movies on TV

For Christmas Disney magic returns to the national network: let’s discover together the 2022/2023 programming of Disney films broadcast on Rai and digital terrestrial channels.

Christmas is that time of year that smells like gingerbread cookies and hot chocolate, all lights and excitement. It’s a wool cap pulled down on the forehead in the cold of a rush for gifts, music, markets, colored ribbons and finishing touches. But above all it is going home, wrapping yourself up in a warm blanket and rediscovering life magic of our childhood Christmas movies.

Also this Christmas the Rai and digital terrestrial channels will broadcast some of the Disney titles most requested in prime time, finally making a selection of animated films accessible to those who do not have a Disney+ subscription live action ideal for getting into the Christmas mood. Let’s discover them together!

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the disney 2022 christmas gift

NB Please note that this list is the result of the collection of information retrieved from the websites and official TV guides of the respective platforms. Programming broadcast on Rai and digital terrestrial channels may undergo changes of dates, time and/or network.

This Christmas Disney programming promotes i live action

Once again this year the preference for titles to be offered to the general public fell on the live action. The proposal for animated films is in fact reduced to just two feature films: Frozen 2 – The secret of Arendelle (2019) and the great Classic The Aristocats (1970) which, as in 2021, will be broadcast on Saturday December 31st on Rai 2 for a great New Year’s Eve.

the aristocats christmas 2022 disney programming
And with “bows” we mean those of Minou, Matisse and Bizet!

Great visibility will instead be given to remake with flesh and blood actors from the most beloved Disney Classics, all scheduled on the Rai 1 channel. Starting with The beauty and the Beast (2017) starring Emma Watson as Belle and Aladdin (2019) with a blue-skinned “genius” Will Smith who caused much discussion. 2023 instead begins with the re-proposition in motion pictures de The Lion King (2019) e Cinderella (2015). An opportunity for aficionados of the traditional 2D who have not yet caught up with the Disney trend of remake in live action.

For the moment no movie of the Disney brand appears to have been chosen for the coveted prime-time programming on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

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beauty and the beast live action christmas 2022 disney programming
Are you really sure you know the true story of Beauty and the Beast?

Disney movies (and not only) to create the Christmas atmosphere

Among the highlights of the Rai schedule and digital terrestrial, we can’t help but mention those blockbusters timeless that most of all create the atmosphere of Christmas. Even if some are productions outside the Disney family, just hearing the names of their titles brings us back to the warmth of our childhood Christmases, when the supply of Christmas films was much smaller. Yet it was always a pleasure to dust off those holiday classics which certainly many of us will regard with a little nostalgia.

Starting with Miracle on 34th Street, the indispensable 1994 feature film that taught us to see Richard Attenborough (Kris Kringle in the film) as the truest Santa Claus of our times. A classic since happy ending for those who have never stopped believing in the magic of Christmas. For misanthropes, the blockbuster The Grinch (2000) with the amazing Jim Carrey at the peak of his career.

The masterpiece is from the same prolific decade Sister Act (1992) with the feisty Whoopi Goldberg; a bubbly comedy that needs no introduction, decorated with such an extraordinary success that it deserves a sequel just a year after distribution. The programming of the two episodes is set for 3 and 4 January 2023: the best way to start the year with all the enthusiasm of Sister Maria Claretta!

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sister act disney christmas
Thirty years after the last film, some rumors suggest a possible Sister Act 3!

For the cycle of Herbie the Beetlethis Christmas Rai presents the sixth feature film of the much acclaimed film series. Herbie – The Super Beetle (2005) is the last appearance of the “all mad” champion on the big screen, more than 35 years after his debut. A fantastic comedy rich in reference the first film that will make us relive the emotions of one of the family classics par excellence.

For everything else there is Disney+

One of the reasons that the programming of Disney content on national channels in recent years is significantly reduced it is certainly the advent of streaming. In fact, with the dominance of Disney+, the offer of products under the giant’s contract has suffered a significant decline – if not even the disappearance – on other entertainment platforms.

While on the one hand this phenomenon has reduced the tradition of Disney Classics marathons during the holidays, on the other hand it has granted us the freedom to be able to enjoy the very wide offer as we please on demand. Not to mention that the one of 2022 is the third Christmas that Disney+ customers will switch to the streaming platform, and that therefore the catalog available to users is richer than ever. Therefore, if your hunger for Disney Christmas movies is insatiable, we recommend that you take a look at what’s coming to Disney+ in December 2022.

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The complete Disney programming at Christmas 2022/2023

Make yourself comfortable on the sofa and keep this list handy so you don’t miss any appointments with Disney’s Christmas 2022 programming:

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December 13th Herbie – The Super Beetle 21:20 – Rai 2
December 17th The Grinch* 21:20 Italy 1
December 20th Miracle on 34th Street* 20:55 – TV2000
December 26th The beauty and the Beast (live action) 21:10 – Rai 1
December 27th Aladdin (live action) 21:10 – Rai 1
December 29th Frozen 2 – The secret of Arendelle 21:10 – Rai 2
December 31st The Aristocats 21:10 – Rai 2
January 2nd The Lion King (live action) 21:10 – Rai 1
January 3rd Sister Act 21:10 – Rai 3
January 4th Sister Act 2 21:10 – Rai 3
January 5th Cinderella (live action) 21:10 – Rai 1
* Extra Disney productions

For those who just can’t do without Christmas movies at Cinemafinally, we remind you that for the entire month of December 2022 it will remain in theaters on new Disney Classic Strange World – A mysterious world. And you, who are Christmas twenties: from movies on TV, streaming or big screen?

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