The creator makes fun of himself by developing a project that jokes about the success of the series

Tentatively titled The Best Show on the Planet, one of Hwang Dong-hyuk’s upcoming creations aims to make us laugh.

In recent months there have been no count of social videos that ironize, with more or less funny results, on Squid Gamethe Korean series quickly became the most watched show ever on Netflix globally. And if the first to laugh at it was the creator and director of the series, Hwang Dong-hyuk? The screenwriter is allegedly working on a satirical project – not well identified – that would make fun of the making of Squid Game. He revealed it himself to Deadline during an interview.

A comedy that makes fun of Squid Game: What do we know

Hwang pointed out that the project, tentatively titled The Best Show on the Planet, is in its infancy and cannot share many details at the moment. He said that it is a satirical comedy that reflects on the sudden success of Squid Game and which is based on his personal experience as a director who returned to the limelight and became famous all over the world thanks to the series. “The success of the first season has put me under pressure and I have nightmares that the reception of the second is not as good,” Hwang confided to Deadline.

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Hwang also confirmed that he is working on three projects simultaneously for Netflix: the aforementioned The Best Show on the Planeta feature film inspired by a novel by Umberto Eco and the second season of Squid Game. In the second season of the dystopian series (which the director hopes will arrive within Halloween of 2024) “humanity will be tested once again through those games”, he said a few days ago. In fact, one of the issues on which you intend to insist is precisely human solidarity. “I want to ask a question: ‘Is true solidarity between men possible?'”, She said recalling that in the first season the characters “were focused on wanting to kill each other”.

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