The creators of Horizon Forbidden West ensure that the enemies will be quite a challenge

There is still some time until the game’s premiere, so the developers from time to time reveal new information about the title. This time, the Playstation blog posted an entry about opponents who will certainly differ from the most typical ones.

Recently, we wrote about the fact that Horizon Forbidden West will have more freedom in experiencing the world, and this time the creators decided to tell a bit about the combat system. The premiere of the game is delayed and will take place in 2022, so more details will probably appear soon.

What will threaten players during the game?

The Guerilla Games team focuses primarily on the evolution of the combat design, compared to Horizon Zero Dawn, and on more freedom during skirmishes. The wide range of tactics that the main character, i.e. Aloy, is equipped with allows her fight with much stronger opponents. The creators have designed much more demanding enemies to encourage players to constantly develop their skills and abilities to find effective ways to get rid of them. As Richard Oud, director of gameplay animation, says:

It was important to us that players felt that Aloy had developed her skills and confidence through her adventures in Horizon Zero Dawn and Frozen Wilds. She gained a lot of experience which she had to show in her animations. Our goal was to show that Aloy is more comfortable in traversing her surroundings – of course not losing sight of the fact that she is human, so things don’t always go perfectly for her.

The AI ​​team played a major role in improving the combat system. Enemies are more authentic and more machines will now be able to swim and dive. Moreover, they will also be able to use jumps to get out and into the water.

Possibility to try out different tactics

In the blog post, you can also read about different approaches to combat. Enemies will not be deaf to various disruptions, such as an arrow that has landed nearby.

You can also escape combat by breaking line of sight and sneaking out. When the enemies discover you’re not where they expected you to go, they’ll start looking. Human enemies join forces and look for you as a group, while the team leader gives orders and coordinates the work. Thanks to the context-dependent animation and speech, the player will have tons of clues to come up with their next move!

More enemies

Aloy will encounter many dangerous machines, but she will also have to deal with an increased number of human enemies, such as Regalla rebels, a faction of the Tenakth tribe. The creators focused heavily on these elements:

The goal was to make human combat as deep and challenging as machine combat. This meant expanding the combat system and diversifying the way you encounter human enemies around the world. We want to give players the opportunity to engage in their own playstyle, whether they prefer ranged or hand-to-hand combat. Switching between strategies resulted in tons of transition animations that are fluid and reactive.

On the Playstation blog you will find more information and short snippets of the game.

How do you like the information disclosed by Guerilla Games?


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