The Crown: for Helena Bonham Carter must end

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Helena Bonham Carter always has very clear ideas. And as much as she loved starring in a wonderful series like The Crown, now is the time to say enough. Netflix photos

For two wonderful seasons it was one Princess Margaret perfect. Latent despair, never tame with Vanessa Kirbyis transformed into a lost acceptance of its being “the spare wheel” (does it remind you of anything?) with the arrival on the scene of Helena Bonham Carter. She was the best (don’t want any Emma Corrin And Josh O’Connor) Of The Crown 3 and 4. And it is therefore with knowledge of the facts and deep affection for the Netflix series that the actress says enough. It’s time to turn off the lights on this story.

Helena Bonham Carter in The Crown 4 Netflix Photo

Helena Bonham Carter is Princess Margaret in the third and fourth seasons of The Crown. Hers was a splendid interpretation. Netflix photos

Helena Bonham Carter always says what she thinks

With the usual frankness that distinguishes her, Helena Bonham Carter does not hold back in the face of uncomfortable questions or difficult topics. And when directly asked what she thought of the new seasons of The Crown, he said what he thought. And what many of us thought when we saw the unstellar fifth season. In a beautiful interview granted to the English newspaper The Guardian, the actress has covered many aspects of showbitz. Expressing ideas and explaining the reasons for them.

Here comes The Crown 5

Why The Crown should end now

The Crown it is a subject that is particularly close to her heart. «I should be careful here too (to say what I think, ed), but I don’t think they should go on,” said Helena Bonham Carter. “I’m in it and I’ve loved my episodes, but now it’s very different. When The Crown it began was a historical drama, while now it has precipitated into the present. But that depends on them.”

That is, that healthy temporal detachment that made the first 4 seasons of The Crown one of the most beautiful series made. And that puts historical facts, interpretations and creative licenses into the right perspective. And it is on this point that the Harry Potter actress and The king’s speech has already expressed itself in the past.

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What Helena Bonham Carter thinks of The Crown

When, before the publication of the fifth season, Netflix was asked by many to insert a warning before watching the episodes to say that it is a fiction, she took that side. “It’s dramatized,” she argued during her intervention in an episode of the official podcast of the series. «For me it is a very important thing, because I think we have a moral responsibility to say: ‘Wait guys, this is not a documentary, we are making a fiction’. So these are two very different things.”

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