The destination in Europe where it is 27 degrees in October

October and November are those months in which the days get shorter, the light is lacking and the heat finally disappears. At home we shiver, and we regret the heat of the hottest days in July and August.

Holidays, therefore, in this autumn period are beautiful that almost everyone is over. But it is better to add that “almost”, because in reality an option to continue being able to spend days on the beach does exist.

Few people know this, but there are areas of Europe where summer never seems to end. We are not talking about southern Greece, or even Lampedusa, although these two destinations are actually excellent for October.

But there are areas of Europe (and they are part of the European Union, not a small detail) where even in November there is an enviable heat, and sometimes even in early December. Let’s talk about the Canary Islands. The archipelago off southern Morocco, in fact, is part of Spain.

Canary Islands

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The Canary Islands can be reached very easily by plane in all seasons, and in October, on average, temperatures range from a minimum of 20 degrees to a maximum of 27 degrees. bath. In fact, sunlight causes the perceived temperature to exceed 30 degrees.

And there is another aspect that makes the Canaries an ideal place to travel between October and November: the prices. We are obviously out of the high season, and so the prices are incredibly low. Both those of hotels and those of restaurants, bed & breakfasts, as well as the prices of bars and transport.

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