The disability trap has been eliminated? “A significant step in this direction”

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So far, people whose income exceeded 70 percent even by one zloty. of the average monthly salary, they lost the right to a social pension. Since January, the rules of supplementing the social pension have changed. Now, people receiving this benefit will be able to earn extra money on the same terms as those receiving a disability pension.

– Communities of people with disabilities have been striving for a long time to eliminate the so-called a disability trap and this is the first very significant step in this direction – said Deputy Minister Paweł Wdówik.

From January, people receiving a social pension will be able to earn some extra money for it on the same terms as people receiving pensions due to total incapacity to work. This means that if the revenue is higher than 70% but less than 130%. average wage, then the social pension will be reduced by the amount of the excess (not more than by the maximum amount of the reduction).

– 70 percent the average salary is now PLN 3,960.20 – this is how much you can earn a month without reducing your pension. And between PLN 3,960.20 and PLN 7,354, this pension will be reduced. Only after the gross monthly salary is exceeded PLN 7,354, the pension will be completely suspended – said Wdówik.

– But the most important change is that this settlement is not made every month, but you can apply to the Social Insurance Institution (ZUS) to make the settlement annually. That is, only after adding up all earnings for the entire year, ZUS determines what percentage of this average wage has been earned and at this point decides whether a person should return something, or perhaps ZUS should pay him extra, if the pension he received was too low – he explained deputy minister.

In the case of annual settlement, earnings are summed up and divided into 12 months – thanks to this, even if the pensioner receives a large income in one month, and it is small in the remaining months, the greater income is spread over the remaining months.

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