The dream outfits in Pretty Woman

pretty woman was the romantic film Most loved 90s ever. Thanks to his success, without a doubt one sweet storybut also a spectacular cast – with a very young girl Julia Roberts and a flawless Richard Gere in their first collaboration in a long line of successful films. But perhaps what still remains etched in our minds is the side fashion of the film: the outfits from pretty woman are indelible in our memory, and still today (like 30 years ago) they are trendy. We accompany you on this journey into the perfect wardrobe, that of Julia Roberts alias Vivian Ward in pretty woman.

The style of Julia Roberts in pretty woman

That of Julia Roberts in pretty woman and the dream wardrobe: not too flashy nor too daring, classic and contemporary. Accomplice the arrival of musicals by pretty womanour curiosity is once again focused on Vivian and hers dream wardrobe.

The disenchanted and modern metropolitan Cinderella has a fairytale smileseductive gods red curls and a wardrobe that rivals that of Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the city. In short, pretty woman he gave us gods look iconic also thanks to the skilled costume designer Marilyn Vancewho was able to express thecharacter evolution of Viv also through hers style. In fact, each garment is not chosen at random, but designed solely to make Viv’s character three-dimensional and realistic. In fact, the girl undergoes a real evolution in the film: from cynical and disenchanted prostitute to a good lady and madly in love with her man (business, of course). We can almost touch this transformationmade even more evident by the outfits by Viv – first obvious and banal, sexy and excessively bold, then increasingly classic and bon ton, refined and splendid. And the good news is that many of those garments, which we literally loved when first viewing pretty womanI am still super current.

In short, we can copy Viv’s style to get a classy and timeless lookbut also chic and bon ton. To get you started, here seven outfits cult sported by Julia Roberts in the film by pretty woman which still drive us crazy today.

The thigh-high boots

Masterpiece of footwear fashion, the boots cuissardes I am glam. This year above all, they are experiencing a new moment of glory. Perfect for winter (because they keep us warm in style), combine them with everything: from skirts to jeans skinnycome on mini dress to A-line miniskirts.

The white shirt

Overrolled up on the sleeves and definitely lived in: the White shirt worn by Julia Roberts in pretty woman it’s still very current and stylized ad hoc. A passepartout garment to wear every day and on special occasions, with jeans and a leather jacket or a skirt and ankle boots chunky.

Julia Roberts and Richard Gere

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The Bermuda suit

THE Bermuda shorts they’ve been back in fashion for a couple of years, also with regard to women’s clothing and city clothing. The full by Julia Roberts in the first scenes of pretty woman it’s gorgeous, ideal for everyday wear with a cream blouse just like the actress in the film.

The black cocktail dress

Of protection paymentcomplete with a built-in fabric collier: the cocktail dress by Vivien is wonderful. And we could easily wear it even today, for one night out particular or for a cocktail among friends.

The white dress 80s

Given the influences of Stranger Things in the world of fashion, it is not difficult to understand this 80s dress flaunted by a Vivian become stately and bon ton it is as much as possible chic. The detail of the ham sleeves and the buttons on the front really make it much more interesting.

The polka dot dress

Here is one vintage dress that is coming back into fashion: a garment timeless and evergreenwith lots of polka dots to create the patterns. We could very well see the Duchess of Cambridge wearing a similar one to a royal event, to understand hers elegance. Wear it in your free time, even with a hat just like our Viv.

Julia Roberts and Richard Gere

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The long strapless dress

Long and mermaid, with a sensual neckline that leaves the shoulders bare: who wouldn’t have wanted to wear this dress while watching the film pretty woman? From prostitute to woman chic and glam: the transformation of Julia Roberts here it is evident – ​​collier, long gloves and hairstyle undoubtedly make their mark.

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