The € 10,000 mini electric car is now a convertible too, but it costs a little more

There Hong Guang Mini EVproduced by Wulinga joint venture between GM and SAIC, holds an unexpected record: the best-selling electric car in China, currently for 24 consecutive months. Its success is certainly based on the attractive design, on the discrete specifications, and on a very competitive price, always around the equivalent of 10,000 euros.

Hong Guang Mini EV Convertible

Now General Motors and its Chinese partner announce a new variant, the Hong Guang Mini EV Convertible. As can be easily guessed, the car is essentially identical, except for the roof, in a foldable soft top. The car is available in three exterior colors, blue, green or black, combined with two roof colors, red or black.

Hong Guang Mini EV Convertible

The measurements are the usual super compact, which made it their fortune at home (and on the internet), ie length of 3,059 mm, width of 1,521 mm and height of 1,614 mm. Confirm the technical specifications of the traditional version, with power of 30 kWmaximum speed of 100 km / h, e autonomy up to 280 km according to the Chinese homologation cycle. Battery capacity is not disclosed, but the numbers seem to confirm i 26 kWh.

Hong Guang Mini EV Convertible

Despite its nature as an economical car, the Mini EV is equipped, even in the convertible version, with two airbags, one for each passenger, ABS system and EBD electronic control. The price per turns out to be a bit higher in this case, based on 99,900 yuan, the equivalent at the current exchange rate of 14,500 euros. Given the interest of European importers for the classic version, can we expect the convertible to arrive in our latitudes as well?

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