the emergency protocol is triggered. “Here are the precautions to be taken”

CAMPONOGARA – First case of Dengue discovered in Camponogara (we refer to page 12 in the national file). The emergency protocol managed by Ulss 3 has started with three extraordinary disinfestation cycles in part of the capital and the hamlet of Premaore. The case of Denguefound on a 60-year-old resident in via Alighieri, symptomatic and now hospitalized, is the first recorded in the Venetian area and is added to the two cases of West Nile disclosed by theUlss Company 3: the infected are all symptomatic and triggered the first Venetian cluster which, according to regional indications, occurs when there are two or more cases, which occurred within two weeks and within a radius of 2 km away.

Dengue in Camponogara: the emergency protocol is triggered

Now theadministration of Camponogara is also facing this new episode of Dengue which requires a disinfestation protocol different from the one adopted on Thursday 4 for the cases of West Nile, which involved some areas of the hamlets of Campoverardo and Calcroci. “I am worried about the current situation in our area – says the mayor Antonio Fusato -. In 2018 we had already faced here, as in the whole Riviera, an important condition of contagion from diseases transmitted by mosquitoes, then there were four cases of Dengue and all the people were then healed. As for the special pest control for the West Nile, therefore against adult common mosquitoes, a targeted intervention against those tigers managed by the Ulss 3 which will have both adulticidal and larval action, in public and private areasAnd. I recommend to all citizens to be careful, to protect themselves and to take all precautions against water stagnation even in private homes. Larvicidal outbreaks must be avoided, therefore everyone’s collaboration is needed. To inform citizens about what precautions to take during and after the treatments, a specific order was issued that I invite everyone to read carefully from the official channels of the Municipality ».

The disinfestation action against Ulss 3 will take place in three consecutive evenings: the first today from 19, then at the same time also on Sunday 7 and Monday 8. The treatment will cover a minimum radius of 200 meters starting from the contagion area, therefore from via Alighieri to via Goldoni, the area of ​​the Church of San Giovanni Battista to the cemetery of Premaore, all of via Marinello, the area of ​​the Il Caledoscope day center and the area of ​​the patronage of the Church, both in public parts and, on needs indicated by the ULSS, even in private homes. Since the pest control has both adulticidal and larvicidal action, some important precautions to be taken to protect the health of people and petssuch as to protect vegetable gardens, garden furniture and games for children then exposed to use.

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