The EU Commission eases sanctions against Russia on coal and fertilizers. “For energy and food security”

The European Commission intends soften sanctions on Russia with regard to coalresulting products e fertilizers. Under the new rules, EU companies will be able to make sales in addition to securing and financing Russian shipments to third countries. Brussels explains that the decision was necessary to guarantee the energy security of the Union and third countries. The agency reports it Bloomberg. “The EU is committed to ensuring that its sanctions do not affect trade in critical items to third countries around the world,” said the Commission spokesman. Daniel Ferrie, adding that the review is important for agri-food products, including chemicals used for fertilizers, energy and specific essentials. “None of the sanctions adopted by the EU affects the trade in agricultural products and food between third countries and Russia ”, Ferrie affirmed again, specifying that the total ban on the import of Russian coal in the EU remains in place.

However the new guidelines have sparked perplexity between different member states also because the new structure could facilitate triangulations with third countries to supply European countries with coal. Vessels carrying theoretically prohibited cargoes of Russian coal have been reported in the past few days between Turkey and Greece. Poland and the Baltic countries have openly criticized the new Brussels approach. The Latvian Foreign Minister explained in a note that the revision it was not adequately coordinated and agreed with the member states of the Union. The easing of constraints on coal takes place while European countries like Germany, France and Italy they are restoring operations of coal-fired power plants to cope with the cut in gas supplies from Russia. Coal is the most polluting of fossil fuels and, with a view to the green transition, its gradual, complete, disposal is envisaged. But the emergency has temporarily undermined these intentions, the consumption of coal is on historical records.

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