The European Commission changes its mind on immigrants? “For the first time there is agreement that migration is a problem for the entire EU”

Schinas recently completed a visit to Turkey, Iraq, the United Arab Emirates and Lebanon, where he discussed the migration crisis that broke out on the border between Poland and the Baltic states and Belarus. These are the countries of origin and transit of migrants to this Eastern European country.

Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki was in contact with the President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen during this process. She kept him personally informed about everything we were doing. I am very pleased and proud that we were able to support Poland at this difficult moment, and I would be delighted to visit Warsaw soon to discuss the next steps, to organize better coordination in the field of migration with the Polish government. “
– says the deputy head of the European Commission.

At the same time, he pointed out that solidarity was and is important in the matter of the migration crisis.

It is important that whoever organizes hybrid attacks knows that he is dealing not with one EU Member State, but with all Member States.
– says Margaritis Schinas.

Response to Lukashenka’s Hybrid Actions

According to the deputy head of the European Commission, the response to Belarus’s hybrid actions was effective because the EU implemented it together, by activating various tools such as sanctions, political pressure and talks with the authorities of the countries of origin and transit of migrants.

Margaritis Schinas believes that the crisis and the response to it have changed the perception of the problem in the EU. As he says, so far there was a strong belief that migration was a problem, but for some other country.

Today, for the first time, there is agreement that migration is a problem for everyone, the entire EU.
– judges.

As he says The European Commission has decided to tackle the problem of migration at its source by visiting the countries of origin and transit of migrants.

I was sent on a mission as soon as the crisis began. I flew to Dubai, Beirut, Baghdad and Ankara. We stopped the influx of (migrants) and we did it not through diplomatic demarches (a statement or speech on a specific issue – PAP) or statements, but on the ground, also by announcing that we will blacklist airlines from third countries that are part of human smuggling networks. All firms proven to be involved in the smuggling will be blacklisted. It is a more credible tool than an abstract diplomatic declaration
– he explained, adding that the representatives of the UAE, Lebanon, Iraq and Turkish authorities agreed during his visit to cooperate in order to jointly solve the problem.

As he says, he also sent a message to their governments to the countries of origin and transit of the migrants.

I conveyed that this is the moment when Europe counts on its friends. I asked if they wanted to be with us or with the last dictator in Europe (Alyaksandr Lukashenka). It was very effective.
– explained the deputy head of the European Commission.

He also informed that he had agreed, inter alia, cooperation with the Iraqi authorities in organizing return flights of migrants, financing these connections, as well as assistance in readmission. Syrians are also among the migrants on the EU’s eastern border. He noted that although he could not be in Damascus, he and EC officials were surprised that the Syrian airline Cham Wings decided to suspend flights with migrants to Belarus.

This is an encouraging sign that the Damascus regime also knows that there are limits of tolerance that the EU cannot accept.
– announced the deputy head of the European Commission.

Mission: stop illegal migration

On Wednesday, Schinas travels to Uzbekistan to discuss migration issues.

Why? In order to convince that no one should be tempted to open alternative migration routes when we are now closing others. We have signals that the authorities of this country are also ready to negotiate. We have to go there because it could be an alternative (migration) hub.
he pointed.

Schinas believes that thanks to joint efforts, one should expect a decline in the influx of migrants to Belarus.

It is already happening. There will be no new arrivals at the border, but we must be careful and monitor the so-called alternative migration routes. We have blocked the main hubs, but we have to be careful as smuggling networks often try to instrumentalise migration by using other directions. Hence my future visit to Tashkent.
– the deputy head of the European Commission noted.

At the same time, the Greek commissioner refutes accusations that the European Commission reacted to the problem too late – in November, when the migration crisis took on a greater proportions.

When the first wave of instrumentalisation of migrants took place in July, it was not at the Polish border, but at the Lithuanian border. We immediately sent Frontex representatives, EUR 37 million in support, and coordinated humanitarian aid on the ground. We visited the border area. The Lithuanian government was very grateful to us for effective support, operational, but also symbolic and political. Whoever says we started work in November and not in July is simply forgetting what we have done so far. We were there from the beginning.
– indicates.

The deputy head of the European Commission emphasizes that the EU currently needs systemic solutions in the field of migration.

When it comes to migration, the EU needs to act more as an architect and less as a firefighter who puts out fires. The need to engage politically on the ground with third countries on migration is something that should be the norm, not the exception.
Schinas summed up.

Source:, PAP

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