The Ex-prime minister becomes the counterpoint of the Mandetta, and a reference to bolsonaristas in a pandemic – 01/04/2020 Power


The minister of state for Health, Luiz Henrique Mandetta (DEM), endorse all the measures of social isolation, as recommended by the world health organization (World Health Organization) against the coronavirus and if you oppose to the boss Jair jair bolsonaro (non-party)the network of parliamentarians, and policymakers that serves as the basis for the president to have found a different view to the anchor, the ex-prime minister and the federal deputy Osmar Terra (MDS-RS).

On Twitter and in groups, in Chat, if you spread the video and the audio tracks of the former prime minister, who has been at the forefront of the folder of the Citizenry, until the month of February. The same dismissal, he remained an influence over the president in the current crisis.

The land, which is a medical doctor, such as Mandetta, it says that only the elderly and at-risk groups should be isolated from the rest of the population should go back to working as soon as possible.

It is the the opinion externada by jair bolsonaro, and opposed, not only by WHO and by experts on the pandemic, but for the majority of the world’s leadingincluding the president and vice president, to Donald Trump. Italy and the United Kingdom, before you in favour of this exemption, less restricted, yea, they turned back in the face of the advance of the new cases of the disease.

The earth has presented as credentials, the fact that it has been a secretary of Health of Rio Grande do Sul, during the pandemic (H1N1) 2009. He says that the coronavirus is going to kill a maximum of 2,000 people in Brazil, the estimate is lower than that of many market analysts.

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For them, the social isolation, it does not reduce the killings, and the flattening of the curve of the contamination, it is a theory that does not exist in practice. “Measures such as suspension of classes, and a quarantine are just the nature of the political, it does not have the scientific evidence”, tweeted.

In a video circulated by the groups that bolsonaristas in the past week, Land said that “it is not directed at the population by spreading panic.” “The social isolation, it does not solve anything. It is already spread of the virus. All of the outbreaks will last about 13 weeks,” he said.

The former minister also said that the quarantine will destroy the economy, and the impact on the revenue, and, as a result, the funding of the unified health system-SUS. “A lot of people are going to die due to lack of a public resource,” he said.

It was enough for it to be enhanced and shared across the networks bolsonaristaswho created the hashtag #OsmarTerraTemRazão.

Just prior to the pandemic, publications of the Earth, on Twitter, on various matters amounted to 4,500 in liking, as her thoughts about it come to the beat of a 20-mil and 30 mil. On Facebook, and on Instagram, the ex-prime minister is living on the peak of the increase of his followers in one year —from 22 thousand to 25 thousand, and 9 thousand to 15 thousand, respectively.

The federal deputy Eduardo jair bolsonaro (PSL-SP.) it was one of those that have amplified the voice of the Earth. “The recession could be even more damaging than that of the coronaviruses, in and of itself,” he wrote. The former prime minister was also to be shared by vehicles and bolsonaristas as the Third for Free.


“Up until now, has been in the position of a doctor is the most sensible one I’ve heard of,” said state representative Fred D’avila (PSL-SP.) on the audio.

At the same time, the former prime minister has received criticism in social networks, and gained the nickname of “Osmar Terra Plana”. It was also the subject of the production of such news was a video that circulated as if it were an offence to the cardiologist Adib Jatene, who died in the course of 2014.

To be chosen as the scientific authority’s preferred bolsonarismo, the Land came to be seen as a potential replacement for Mandetta, it hung in the balance between the defender and the insulation and compromise in the discourse of jair bolsonaro, while it is exposed to the available to the public by the president.

The former minister, however, it avoids endorsing such a confrontation. He says that his opinions are not based on the interest in the seat, and this assumption serves to disqualify him. In a discussion at the GALLERY on Tuesday (the 31st), the Earth has made the praise of the Mandetta, and he said that the prime minister, is qualified, but who does not agree with him in regards to the quarantine.

Been looking for The sheet, The earth would not be manifested

The congressman bolsonarista Bibo Nunes (PSL-RS), it says that the Earth has presented technical arguments in the current debate on the fight against the coronavirus.

“I think that one of the Mandetta is there in the ministry, and let him continue. But if tomorrow, it turns out, the thing that I’m not advocating for it, the number one for me is in the Ground. He did an excellent job of the government, and he was very loyal,” says Nunes.

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Even among the supporters of jair bolsonaro, there are exceptions, however.

The leader of the government in the house, Major, Victor Hugo (PSL-GO”), he avoids taking a side in the discussion in between, the isolation of the proposed Mandetta the rejection of a quarantine, which has been defended by the Ground. According to him, is dangerous and premature, to weave the findings right now.

“The press wants to tell, which is in contrast to the other, it is not so. All of you are looking for in order to protect the lives and the jobs they provide. The question is, is the way to do it,” he said.

The congresswoman Betty Zambelli (PSL-SP.)very active in social media, he says, that you have avoided sharing with the lines of the Earth. “Although it is an opinion that is important, as it is at odds with the Ministry of Health is talking about it, I, as the basis for the ruling, I would prefer that you follow the directions of the minister for Mandetta.”

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