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On Sunday 25 September, together with the political elections, from 7 to 23 residents in Sicily will also be able to vote for the election of the President of the Region and for the renewal of the Sicilian Regional Assembly. There are six aspirants to the chair of governor, 137 lists and candidates to become deputies of the assembly are over a thousand for just 70 seats to be assigned.

The voting operations will take place on Sunday only, from 7 to 23. The ballot of the ballots will be carried out on Monday 26 September starting at 14.

Who are the candidates for the presidency of the Region

  • Renato Schifani is supported by Forza Italia, Fratelli d’Italia, Prima Italia – Salvini Premier, Popolari and autonomisti, DC Democrazia Cristiana. In the beginning, Nello Musumeci (Fdi) had announced that he wanted to reapply but Lega and Forza Italia were strongly opposed. Schifani, from Palermo, a former Christian Democrat who joined Forza Italia in 1995, was president of the Senate from 2008 to 2013. He left Berlusconi’s party, which in the meantime became Popolo della Libertà, in 2013 joining the New center-right of the former Minister of Justice Angelino Alfano. In 2016 he returned to the reborn Forza Italia.Renato Schifani-2-2
  • Caterina Chinnici from the Democratic Party and One Hundred Steps for Sicily. Chinnici is the daughter of Rocco Chinnici, the magistrate creator of the anti-mafia pool of Palermo killed with a car bomb on July 29, 1983. On July 23, she had won the primary elections in which the 5-star candidate, Barbara Floridia, and Claudio also took part. Fava, candidate of the I Cento Passi movement.Caterina Chinnici-2-2-2
  • Nuccio Di Paola, former leader of the M5s group in the Sicilian assembly, was nominated by the 5-star Movement after the breakdown of the alliance with the Democratic Party.Nuccio Di Paola-2-2-2
  • Gaetano Armao, former councilor of the Musumeci junta, is the candidate of Action-Italy alive.armao-18
  • Cateno De Luca is the independent candidate supported Sicilia Vera, De Luca Mayor of Sicily – South calls North: Sicilian Pride with Cateno, Basta Mafie, Terra d’Amuri, Young Sicilians, Sicilian Autonomy, Sicilian Enterprise, Work in Sicily. Often over the top character, former mayor of Fiumedinisi and Messina, he has become very popular for his rallies and his outings such as the time he undresses in the regional assembly and when he brought an enduro motorcycle into the municipality of Messina. CHAIN ​​DE LUCA-3
  • Eliana Silvia Saturnia Esposito, known as Eliana, is supported by the “Free Sicilians” list.Eliana Silvia Saturnia Esposito-2-2

How to vote

The electoral system foresees only one round: the 4,606,564 Sicilian citizens will find themselves in front of a single ballot but the voter has two votes: one for the choice of the regional list, whose leader is a candidate for the office of President of the Region, the other for the choice of the provincial list and in this case preference can be expressed for one of the candidates for the office of regional deputy. In the event that no vote is cast for one of the regional lists, the validly expressed vote for a provincial list is automatically extended to the linked regional list as well.

It is possible to cast a separate vote. The voter can vote for a regional list and a provincial list that are not connected to each other. So it is technically possible to express a preference for an ARS deputy and a preference for a candidate for the Presidency of the Region belonging to a different political spectrum.

For the election of the 70 deputies of the Sicilian Regional Assembly (Ars) the following distribution is adopted: 62 seats are assigned with the pure proportional system and a 5 percent barrier at the regional level (16 in Palermo, 13 in Catania, 8 in Messina, 6 in Agrigento, 5 in Syracuse and Trapani, 4 in Ragusa, 3 in Caltanissetta and 2 in Enna); one seat goes to the candidate for governor who came second in the preferences; one seat belongs to the candidate for the presidency of the region elected; six seats are assigned within the regional list of the presidential candidate (so-called list). It is a blocked list that functions as a majority prize and allows the coalition linked to the elected President of the Region to obtain a maximum of 42 seats in the ARS.

The unused seats are distributed, on a proportional basis, to the minority lists that have passed the barrier. The leader of the regional list that obtains the highest number of valid votes is proclaimed president of the Region.

The leader of the regional list that obtains the highest number of valid votes is proclaimed President of the Region. On Sunday 25 September, the turnout at the polls at 12, 19 and 23 (closing time of the polling stations) will be provided on the portal. On Monday 26 September, however, the data relating to the scrutiny operations, as they are transmitted to the Department of Local Autonomies by the territorially competent prefectures, will be entered on the Idec system (created with the collaboration of the Department of Economy and the digital Sicily company ), processed by the program and published on the portal, in order to ensure an update in real time. The official results will be proclaimed by the appropriate central district offices, set up at the courts of the nine capital municipalities, and by the regional central office, set up at the Court of Appeal of Palermo.

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