The fiery Camila Cabello exposes her legs on the red carpet (PHOTOS)

Last name Camila Cabello not disappearing from the front pages of tabloids recently. Sweetheart Shawn Mendes recently fulfilled the role of an actress, playing in the new version of the story about Cinderella. In addition to promoting the film with her participation, the artist, thanks to paparazzi photos showing her figure that does not fit into the “traditional” canons of beauty, became famous in the media as “body positivity” icon.

Although we can most often watch Cabello in a more natural version, the 24-year-old does not avoid visiting the walls. During the gala Billboard Latin Music Awards, which awards Latin artists, the Cuba-born singer presented herself in impressive creation.


Cabello posed in fiery red dress barely covering her thighs, thanks to which the artist could show off shapely legs. This in conjunction with expressively red lipstick and pins color made it impossible to take your eyes off the star.

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Although Camila has just finished promoting Cinderella, her musical career was not forgotten. During the Billboard gala, the singer performed with the latest song Don’t Go Yet, which will be appearing on her upcoming album.


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