the film helped Mike Flanagan overcome alcoholism

The director of the sequel to The Shining told this delicate background of his life during an interview.

Doctor Sleepnovel by the famous horror writer Stephen Kingreleased in 2014 in Italy, is the actual sequel to Shining (1977), a well-known book that became a film in 1980 with Jack Nicholson to embody the protagonist, Jack Torrance. Well, in 2019, the film version of this sequel also arrived, directed and written by Mike Flanagan (Gerald’s game, The Haunting), one of the most promising film and serial horror authors currently. The project, which sees as protagonist Ewan McGregor in the part of Danny Torrancetells how the son of Jackover the next few years, he learned to live with the sparkle, still battling some inner demons.

Doctor Sleep is the sequel to Shining

Doctor Sleep,

In a piece on Tumblr, Flanagan himself publicly recounted what that meant Doctor Sleep for his personal life. One of the great themes of the feature film is alcoholism, a vice defeated by all the cast (including McGregor) who shot totally sober, with the very exception of the director and screenwriter who explained that only with the preparation of a scene in particular, he finally felt that he had put this terrible story behind him, with the film almost taking on a cathartic role.

I vividly remember writing the scene between Dan and Jack at the bar. My wife pointed out to me after the fact that she could see it then, that something was changing in me when it came to drinking. Something was waking up and I was processing a desperate need to sober up. That scene represents an internal conversation that is deeply personal to me. It’s still my favorite scene from the movie.

We remind you that Doctor Sleep was released in Italian theaters on October 31, 2019 with the production of Intrepid Pictures, Vertigo Entertainment and also the executive production of Akiva Goldsman, Roy Lee, Scott Lumpkin, Kevin McCormack. The cast, however, also sees the participation of Rebecca Ferguson in the role dthe Cylinder Roses, Cliff Curtis which embodies Billy Freeman, Carl Lumbly who impersonates Dick Hallorann, Henry Thomas who lends his face to Jack Torrance and many others.

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