The film Love Actually seen in class in an elementary school: the mothers protest and ask for the teacher to be removed

The facts date back to December last year. A teacher at a primary school in Prato decided to show her fifth graders one of the best-known romantic films of the last twenty years, Love Actually (Love really) with, among others, Hugh Grant, Colin Firth and Keira Knightley. But the mothers didn’t like the initiative and sent a letter to the school principal and teacher to ask for the latter to be removed.

The reaction of the mothers

The teacher, with over twenty years of experience in teaching, scheduled the viewing of the film over two days, 7 and 12 December. The day after the controversy arose on the Whatsapp chat of the pupils’ parents. A mother writes: “There are girls who have returned home simulating erotic gestures and other obscene acts. That film traumatized the children.”

The school psychologist also intervened and asked the children questions with written answers. According to the professional, a traumatic picture would not have emerged from the analysis of the answers, but some moments of disturbance.

The teacher: “asking for me to leave work is an absolute injustice”

The teacher was interviewed by Tyrrhenian and he wanted to give his version of the facts: “I immediately responded to that part of the parents who protested. I said I was wrong and apologised, but that it was all done in good faith according to a sex education program I had announced to the same parents earlier this year. I took a DVD I had at home, and I didn’t know anything about the yellow dot”.

In fact, the film was repeatedly broadcast on television in prime time with the yellow dot, i.e. the recommendation, according to the classification systems of television programs which allow to indicate the suitable audience for watching a programme, watching recommended for adults over 13 accompanied by an adult. The children in question are 10-11 years old.

The teacher continues: “In recent days, in a meeting with the parents, I apologized on that occasion too. I realized I made an unintentional mistake. I follow the children from the first grade, I do my job with commitment and passion that is also recognized in me by other parents of these children”.

“I have received emails and messages of closeness from other parents – concludes the teacher. For my part I can continue to apologize, if I had known about the stamp I would not have done it. But asking for my removal from work is an absolute injustice. I do my job with passion”.

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