The first Drwala Burger this season was created in front of our camera. It was prepared by the president of McDonald’s Polska

The Drwala burger is not only a culinary hit of Polish gastronomy, but also a specific cultural sensation in our country. Every year McDonald’s customers wait for late fall for the popular “Lumberjack” to return to the offer and they can wait in long queues for placing an order. In 2021, the Drwala Burger will appear in all restaurants of the chain on November 24. One of the first sandwiches this year was prepared in front of our camera by the president of McDonald’s Polska, Adam Pieńkowski.

  • On November 24, Burger Drwala will appear again in all McDonald’s restaurants
  • Every year, thousands of fans are waiting for this sandwich, created 12 years ago, to return to the chain’s offer
  • One of the first McDonald’s seasonal dishes in 2021 was prepared in front of the BI Polska cameras by the president of the network
  • We also talked with Adam Pieńkowski about the effects of inflation, increases in the costs of running a business and the company’s response to the strong trend of healthy food
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The numbers alone prove the popularity of the Drwal Burger. This is number one when it comes to seasonal produce. There are restaurants that sell up to 2,000. such sandwiches a day, but the average is about 700-800 pieces in a restaurant says Adam Pieńkowski in an interview with BI Polska.

Where does the popularity of “Drwal” come from?

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